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So here I am pottering around the 'Loops, slugging some red wine. Then, for no reason, I decide a bit of Motown is needed in my life. So off I went and recorded something. Sorry about that.

The result is basically a kind of Uriel Jones verse beat with a, as I call it, classic Motown 'double snare' chorus. I took the pillow out of my kick and, on mix down, turned off all the noise gates to let everything bleed ...
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Cool! Sooo tight! Did you secretly programm this track :P+1
April 21 2015 20:58:49
mpointon I'm worried it's better because I've been drinking! :| +1
April 21 2015 21:01:19
Milachica I don't drink at all. Do you think I should try to drink and play sax? :) +0
April 21 2015 21:08:38
mpointon No. Drinking seriously blunts my playing so I don't recommend it. +1
April 21 2015 21:14:39
Milachica I know what you're talking about. I drank plenty of beer years back when I used to play live a lot. It can make you relaxed, but listening and reacting musically suffers. +1
The verse-beat is really one of my favourite beats! You play it very nice!+1
April 21 2015 21:03:09
mpointon Thank you, Milachica! +0
like it cool playing+1
Fab beat+1
Really cool+1
You made a real good drumtrack Martin, with half a bottle red wine? Good work! I hope you don't do those things in the morning... Than you would have a problem! šŸ˜‰+1
April 21 2015 21:47:21
mpointon It's not something I'm proud of! Really not my normal style, promise! +1
Cool Motown Rythm mate... awesome!!+1
Perfect drum template, Martin :)+1
I guess I know a song for this drumming+1

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