Boosters and Overdrive

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April 26 2015 13:38:51
nuno1959nuno1959 Cool rockin' mix, well done !!

April 22 2015 11:06:17
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler awesome Ake:)

April 22 2015 02:08:39
HaffastHaffast If you didn't have me before, you had me from the 2:00 mark until the end... Awesome!

April 22 2015 00:33:15
FishinmissioFishinmissio Bangin my head...Nice

April 22 2015 00:05:16
PsychoPsycho A regular one man band :) I like the way you do the HD downloads, great idea !!
+2 April 22 2015 01:46:03 Psychoakethesnaker
Thanks Psycho! See yaa tomorrow!:)
April 22 2015 03:04:27 PsychoGaryA
Nice tracks, Ake. Psycho,yes, yes, I agree on separate tracks for downloads. I have been trying for awhile now to possibly get everyone to get into the habit of providing separate tracks to download. It is much easier/better to remix with clean tracks. Such as correcting a first post of drums/machine track that is too loud or needs EQ or maybe needing some reverb to make it sound more in the mix with the other instruments, etc.
April 22 2015 05:31:48 PsychoPsycho
I agree if it's a case of playing all the instruments yourself it's handy for others. What Ake is doing is creating a realm of possibilities with each download for anyone who desires to use it. I think if you are, i.e. soloing, etc, over another's rhythm then a single combined mix is ok. That rhythm track will always be there for others. But, I do see your point. I think wikiloops pushes the same philosophy? Options, options, options ;)
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