Five Days Of Snow (+drums)

Remix step #2 (playing)


mpointon472 jams Supporter

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Another gem from Marc which I'd completely forgotten about and left on my to-do list. Fabulous and challenging piece in equal measures.

Initial quiet section was tough and in the end I opted for a basic jazz pattern, punctuating Marc's key stabs. From there into a simplified version of a well-known pattern - Jeff Porcaro's 'Roseanna beat', of course. Back to the quiet section and then into one of my favourite beats of all-time: a Nanigo. It's a posh word for 'double paradiddle between the ride, hi-hat and snare'. It just sat right. Then into a straight time with a pushing hi-hat. Drop down. Back up again and then hit the outro.

Remarkably I did this in one clean run but missed the last two damn stabs of the song so they've been edited, as have a couple of places to tidy up messy bits. I hope you enjoy. One of my favourite templates from you, Marc :)


April 26 2015 14:22:28
nuno1959nuno1959 Fine add MP & what a lovely template to add to as well.. ;)

April 23 2015 04:37:19
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nailed it too:)
+1 April 23 2015 04:41:49 akethesnakermpointon
Thanks, Ake. I'm genuinely proud of this one - I don't often say that! :D
April 22 2015 22:50:31
MarceysMarceys Man! Love your playing here! Real good! Great changes and just the right feel! :)
+1 April 23 2015 04:20:38 Marceysmpointon
Thank you, Marc. I love templates of yours like this. You leave so much room for people who add to help decide where to take the feel of the your music. Your intro - just simple pushed chords leaves so much space for the imagination. Yes, it maybe challenging but I love how you leave those who follow some level of control.

Then you funk out. I love it when you funk out! Please do not ever stop posting templates of this calibre.
April 22 2015 22:48:20
WadeWade This is a great drum track that really move this along. sooooo good.
+1 April 23 2015 04:39:22 Wadempointon
Thank you so much, Wade. The drum patterns wrote themselves for me. It's one of those templates that I could hear straight away what I needed to play. Apart from the opening bit - had to think about that! :)
April 22 2015 21:23:09
AKchenAKchen awesome

April 22 2015 16:46:07
KeitonKeiton Super fit :)

April 22 2015 16:44:18
TofzegritTofzegrit Wow. Here is a good one you've foud in Marc's template shop!
Well dressed Martin!

+1 April 22 2015 18:31:24 Tofzegritmpointon
Thanks, Tof! Hope it's bookmarked for your return from holiday :D
April 22 2015 19:48:54 TofzegritTofzegrit
I've created a "todowhenback" list!
April 22 2015 16:04:14
MarceysMarceys thumbs thumbs! very good Martin! This would be so much better to play when I was in the same room as you! I always play this with only a clicktrack.... have to try and keep all the accents the same... always a hard job....You did very good! A grooving bass to this!!! :)

My break/accents at the end aren't that good... sorry for that....

+2 April 22 2015 16:12:55 Marceysmpointon
Perhaps we can manage it in September at the 'Loops meet! Don't worry about perfect timings - humanity is much better than machines and your templates are always fluid. Much better that way!
April 22 2015 16:15:33 MarceysMarceys
Gonna try to arrange something for that! would be cool indeed!:)
April 22 2015 22:47:33 MarceysWade
Making me sad and jealous. Won't be able to make it to Urft in September. Would really enjoy sitting in with such great talent..
April 22 2015 22:52:37 MarceysMarceys
Thats too bad Wade! I'm also not sure if I can make it but will try for sure!
April 22 2015 23:07:22 Marceysmpointon
It's a bit far for you, Wade :( As I mentioned to others, if you ever need some drums for your own purposes, just ask :D
April 22 2015 23:39:14 MarceysWade
Thanks! Will certainly keep in mind the offer. I come to Europe to visit my daughter in Norway. 1st Urft meet up was scheduled to coincide last year. Am coming to Europe again 1 May, but the facility at Urft isn't available until September. Won't be able to come then. There will be other times. Cheers!
April 22 2015 15:51:05
GuadañaGuadaña Great drums on this cool piano track by Marceys!! Congratulations!
+1 April 22 2015 15:54:23 Guadañampointon
Thank you, Guadana! :)
April 22 2015 15:48:13
bigmac9137bigmac9137 Yeah buddy! That's great sound! I may need to re-record!
+2 April 22 2015 15:49:07 bigmac9137mpointon
Thank you bigmac. Please do! I know it had adds, but this was such a great template I couldn't leave it alone.
April 22 2015 16:07:17 bigmac9137Marceys
That would be cool Kyle! please upload your track as a HD file...... good for a remix!

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