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One of the many, many exercises drummers often have to learn is what is known as 'Linear Drumming'. That is, only playing one sound (or limb) at a time. At no point are two (or more) parts of the kit playing at the same time. It's often used to improve drummer's four-way independence. But it also creates surprisingly cool beats and is often used by players to very good effect.

I recorded just two such beats - off-beat hi-hat and a ...
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Martin Pointon, 70s fusion,


I thought James Brown was the hardest working man in show business but with the number of quality tracks you are uploading his reign may be over :)+3
Cool groove as always. Reminds me of Mike Clark!+1
April 22 2015 20:43:10
mpointon I'm ashamed to say I had to look up who he is! Looking at his credentials, his output's going straight onto my Spotify playlists! Thanks, Alex! +1
April 22 2015 20:43:59
mpointon When I think of awesome linear playing, I always think of Dave Garibaldi - Tower Of Power's drummer. +1
April 22 2015 20:48:03
alexj If you like scorching hot jazz funk, I recommend 'Flood' by Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters. It was only released in Japan so kinda hard to find, but the playing is ridiculous! Didn't realise TOP was linear drumming, but it makes sense now :) +0
April 22 2015 20:51:34
mpointon Thanks Alex, I'll look for it. A lot of Garibaldi's patterns have linear components to them. I really need to get onto my HH collection. I only really know the Chameleon album (I think it was called 'Headhunters'. +1
April 22 2015 23:31:14
barkndog And don't forget Herbie's album "Thrust" which is also essential listening. +1
April 23 2015 03:47:51
mpointon Funnily enough, a chat with Alex threw up that exact album and it's also on my Spotify playlist! Thanks, Bark'! +0
For my ears is it cool. And for exercise funky guitar is it great! Like it! 👍👍🏻+1
Ive grabbed this one for some idea down the Martin... gnats ass drumming again ;)+1
April 22 2015 22:53:06
PaulBOwens down the line even !! +1
Such a fine sound that just begs for someone to jump on this.+1
You are an amazing drummer!+1
April 23 2015 13:50:22
Girard Agreed. +0
Very crafty. Great beat to play with. Thanks.+1
nice beat+1
Ah !! Laying on the charm, you shameless ''tempter''… ;)
Superb drum track MP !!
Well this is perfect drumin to me. :)+1
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