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Hello Music Lovers
Here is Rhythm guitar riff aroud a kind of Fungo Mongo, Infectious Groove, Red Hot or Rage against...
And barkndog informed me that the first riff is the same than "Dragon attack" from Queen..
... I didn't know this song yet (shame on me)
Don't forget I'm a soft smooth jazzy funky guitar player :)

Hope you will have fun with it, whatever you will do with !

=====HD TRACK : ONLY GUITAR PART (for Drummer Family)======


April 26 2015 16:23:54
How on earth did i miss this ?? Love it Tof, great riffs ;)
+0 April 27 2015 23:03:59 nuno1959 Tofzegrit
Merci Nuno
April 24 2015 23:15:50
I love this Tof! This is an awesome groove! I dig the tone and the riffs. :)
+0 April 24 2015 23:18:35 Haffast Tofzegrit
Thanks Haffast.
April 24 2015 17:11:56
good groove, genuine sound

April 24 2015 13:32:56
Yeah! Love it! Deep Purple! Killer good!:)

April 24 2015 02:23:28
Tight guitar(s) and tone...Very cool changes and some interesting chord voicings in there for spice :) Smoking track.

April 23 2015 22:29:09
spooky, on vacation but uploading at the same time! great rocktrack again Tof!
+0 April 23 2015 22:30:08 Marceys Marceys
Mothers Finest kind a sound!
April 23 2015 22:37:27 Marceys Tofzegrit
Thanks Marc
I explore my files, load them and play with them, cut copy paste, change guitar effects, EZ sounds/pattern, mix...
I'm DJ Tof :)
April 24 2015 03:30:26 Marceys Marceys
Thats a cool thing to do indeed! Think i have to record a lot before going on summervacation. Could do stuff like that too! :)
April 23 2015 21:37:43
Well done Tof, Great work! Nevermore only a soft smooth jazzy funky guitar player👍👍👍
+0 April 23 2015 22:04:45 frankyguitar Tofzegrit
It's smooth there!
Merci Franky
April 23 2015 20:06:50
So great!!
+0 April 23 2015 20:10:27 paulus Tofzegrit
Merci Paulus
April 23 2015 18:43:16
Fifth! Unbelievable sound!! Great work, Tof!
+0 April 23 2015 20:09:45 pkliesch Tofzegrit
Secret is a double amp. simulation and one with octaver.
50g sugar, 3 eggs, 250g chocolate, salt, pepper... 40' oven 200,degrees... Hop hop hop.
Glad you like it:)
April 23 2015 21:10:57 pkliesch pkliesch
Ok. I hear 3 eggs indeed. But I never thought there could be chocolate in it! :) :) :)
April 23 2015 16:02:15
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
perfect T.:)

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