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...strait ahead funk beat yo


next up might want to turn the gain down on this just a tic or 3....oops, put it in drums,not sequencer section, maybe you can change it dick? or i'll re-up properly...or it doesnt matter, lol+0
Changed to sequencer. Promising rhythm track!+0
thanks we know who has the Power!, lol+0
Damn good!!+0
yep, definitely downloading this one :-)+0
This is so amazing!+0
wooooop! glad y'all like...+0
man..what you give....perfect drum loops in SEQ it...the PingPong Pan Effekt tooo... see what come..need bass...!!!!!+0
This one will be with me soon or later, sorry Adam for your sequencer real ok, but this one is the one and the best for me! Anyway, Adam is my brother good friend I know I can talk to him like that... Simmer did good simple move with this, feel some "FAKE UPRIGHT" for that... domdomdom...+0
funkay shizzle!+0
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