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Wow. Just wow. What. A. Template. Utterly enjoyed every moment of recording this, R1772!

Pretty straightforward for the drums. Four-on-the-floor with 16ths on the hi-hat, occasionally going into off-beats plus a few fills. Nothing more, nothing less and it was all the more pleasurable to play for it. About all there is to say on this one!

Turned up the compression on the kick and snare - hope it's what you wanted!

Enjoy and thanks, R1772, for a fantastic template. And with this ...
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Martin Pointon,


yeah, great track! Sounds great with these drums to it! :)+2
muito legal o trabalho+2
April 24 2015 15:44:26
francisco al
mpointon Muito obrigado! +0
I was sure you could not resist to this one when listening to it this morning :)+1
April 23 2015 16:47:32
mpointon Was it *that* obvious? ;) +0
Really nice! :)+1
cool playing+1
Wow!!! Just great work you both. You're a non stop drumer man!!! :)+1
super fitting+1
So great "wham" feeling. Perfect drums!+1
Boy does this style work for you! Tell the truth now, have you played this style so much that you're on auto pilot?+1
April 23 2015 22:36:44
mpointon Thank you, Wade :) In truth, no I don't play it much. It's 'just' a disco beat to me. The key to making this kind of beat feel good is in the ebb and flow dynamics on the hi-hat. +3
April 24 2015 00:39:24
R1772 @Very interesting and a proof why you cannot do such drums with a midi-sequencer: After tedious work those hihats will never Sound like these sizzling, electrifying hats!:-))) +4
April 24 2015 17:36:53
mpointon Thank you. My hi-hats are just so expressive. They're 13" Zildjian K/Z hats Always wanted a set but I only bought into their revelation last year. They replaced my trusty Zildjian New Beats and just blew them out of the water.

They're probably 20 years-old but their sound, recorded or acoustically, are just so clean and expressive. as you say, just the right amount of 'sizzle'. Utterly recommended to any drummer after a tight and controllable sound. Utterly unsuitable for rock though - they won't live long in those conditions!

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