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OK here's the full horror of sopranino doing the grunge thing. Please don't take this seriously. Great blues track from Balfo, the add is as much for a laugh as anything...way over the top.


May 09 2015 14:53:50
onewholeftonewholeft Now this is what blues is all about !

April 26 2015 17:36:06
nuno1959nuno1959 Great template choice &.. it seems to me it couldn't be furthest from your usual ''dwellings''…
Why do i like it so much ? Gotta be the edgy, raw feel of your tone..
Way to go.. ;)

+1 April 26 2015 22:20:11 nuno1959Wade
Thanks Nuno. Won't be able to do this sort of sound without the box unfortunately, but can certainly give the blues a go when we meet up.
April 25 2015 17:47:32
LutzLutz Transcending limits is always worth considering. Maybe you're the first one who tried this with a sopranino? Great!
+1 April 25 2015 21:54:01 LutzWade
Hey Lutz! Thanks for the listen and comment. Maybe I'll also be the last to try this! Kind of twisted. Will be trying again soon...hope to refine the sound a bit more.
April 25 2015 17:06:54
Pit BrettPit Brett no horror!! great sound and good comunication with Balfo Wade :)
+1 April 25 2015 21:52:30 Pit BrettWade
Too kind Pit. Balfo has got this feel down so good I can't believe he's not from Mississippi.
April 25 2015 04:26:20
AcousticegAcousticeg I'm not laughing...I like it!
+1 April 25 2015 21:51:15 AcousticegWade
Aw come on...it's worth a laugh. Such a ridiculous sound for a saxophone! But that of course describes the sopranino anyway even without the box.
April 25 2015 02:46:25
akethesnakerakethesnaker Great!:D
+1 April 25 2015 21:50:09 akethesnakerWade
Thanks Ake! Glad you like.
April 24 2015 22:20:21
ShiShi well how did I miss this one from you both...oooweeeeee I like that back and forth thing you got going on there
+1 April 25 2015 21:49:44 ShiWade
Thanks Shi. Appreciate the listen and comment. Tried to keep the blues feel with the dialog. Such a twisted sound for a sax that it takes some getting used to. Will post another soon.
April 24 2015 18:02:02
mpointonmpointon Wow. Fantastic playing! Really fab raspy, dirty edge to your sound. Fits in perfectly, especially when you get down and dirty joining in with the guitar. An utter joy to listen to. It genuinely sounds like just two guys in a room having a laugh riffing off each other.
+2 April 24 2015 21:57:05 mpointonWade
Hey man welcome to my twisted realm. Glad you like the dirty sound. Got to admit I'm a bit embarrassed by my poor timing on this. Just trying out various gimmick boxes and practicing the sopranino. Maybe I'll refine this and get serious...maybe not?
April 24 2015 22:04:40 mpointonmpointon
I'm sorry I've missed your stuff in the past. I didn't realise I wasn't following you! I'm a fool!
April 25 2015 21:46:08 mpointonWade
NO problem...no worry. We've all got lots of other stuff in life.
April 24 2015 13:15:12
Jens-HJens-H Cool Feeling. :)
+1 April 24 2015 21:54:36 Jens-HWade
Thanks for the listen Jens. Much appreciated.
April 24 2015 10:46:12
pklieschpkliesch Very cool, Wade. Super bluesy mood. :)
+1 April 24 2015 21:54:11 pklieschWade
Credit goes to Balfo for the sound and mood. Such a great authentic blues vibe.

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