Moonlight Ballad

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What Buran and Stargazer did on this track was nothing shy of phenomenal work - absolutely beautiful! Something about it completely grabbed me, so I wanted to add a little something to it just, after the halfway point.
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Moonlight, Ballad, Haffast


Wow, great job H... it takes these adds to hear things I'd probably never find ;)+1
April 25 2015 14:54:19
Haffast Thanks Psycho! There really are done incredible tracks on here! I love to go digging for them. I listened to this one twice before I even thought about putting in my part. Beautiful! +1
April 25 2015 17:20:19
Haffast Her vocals just kinds blew me away for some reason. It just got perfectly. Obviously, that nothing against the other great takes on this. This one just hit me differently. +1
very cool guitar add ;o)+1
April 26 2015 15:25:28
Haffast Thanks! I'm glad you like it! They made a beautiful song. I didn't want to do too much that could take away from it +0
I like a lot your soloing... my compliments for the feeling and the touch. Exactly what I was looking for this track. ;-)+1
April 28 2015 00:09:37
Haffast Thank you very much! I'm not as smooth as I wish I was, but I really appreciate that!

Your playing is amazing! I hear bit pieces of Satriani, Vai, and a variety of others that I look up to. You're awesome, man! So, again, thanks!
Don't know why this doesn't have more likes.. I think it's a great tune.+1
April 28 2015 02:40:00
Haffast Buran and stargazer made a BEAUTIFUL song. I fell in love with it instantly. I was glad to add something to it. I think it worked pretty well. +1
June 24 2017 18:05:29
Acousticeg Just listening again. Now I know why I like it so much. The chord pattern and your lead sound very much like the Scorpions which I like very much. +1
June 24 2017 20:16:27
Haffast Your can never go wrong with Scorpions! Thanks! +0
you play beautiful..thank you :)+1
April 28 2015 13:01:48
Haffast You sing beautifully! I loved this music, but your vocals left me speechless. You have a unique and amazing voice! I'm glad you enjoyed my addition! +0
Wow Missed this!+1
January 12 2016 04:50:15
Haffast Ha ha! It's an oldie! +0
Super playing!;)+0
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