Starting Point, w/ Solos - NO BASS

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I've decide to recreate the only song I have in Cubase right now that I did from start to finish. Hopefully somebody will take a part of it out and make something way cooler than I did. It was called "Starting Point"


October 01 2015 19:12:28
cody trippcody tripp FREAKIN" Killer !!! Don't know how I missed this. Monster guitar. Playlisted
+1 October 06 2015 15:49:19 cody trippHaffast
Awesome Cody!! Thanks man! I wish I had more of the stuff I made before I found Wikiloops - I haven't really sat down and made a whole track from start to finish since the beginning of the year now.
June 14 2015 17:14:00
GuadañaGuadaña Mega cool track mate!!!! Specially love the glorius part at 1.48, amazing!!!
+1 June 15 2015 04:53:02 GuadañaHaffast
Thanks man! I've actually gotten VERY lazy since I started on here. Haven't fine a track from the ground up since. :)
May 02 2015 08:02:52
AcousticegAcousticeg Excellent playing!
+1 May 02 2015 08:20:38 AcousticegHaffast
Thanks Acoustic! I appreciate that! :)
April 26 2015 01:10:42
ivaxivax great job, friend
+1 April 26 2015 01:42:46 ivaxHaffast
Thank you, Ivax! Much appreciated!
April 25 2015 14:22:16
PsychoPsycho Missed this... coooool !!
+1 April 25 2015 15:01:08 PsychoHaffast
Thanks! I decided it'd be cool to break it down and throw it all on here, piece by piece.

I'm going some people run with the rhythm only part and completely rework it all. Hint hint
April 25 2015 07:44:36
Danalyze45Danalyze45 This is freaking awesome...The tones (ALL OF THEM) are SICK. The harmonized bends kill me :), 1:10 to 1:20 freaking amazing...1:54ish How did you come up with that?!? This is really really well done and nicely written/played. Damn.
+1 April 25 2015 08:04:33 Danalyze45Haffast
First off, thank you so much Dan! I'm probably blushing now. Great. lol

I'll tel you my secret on the 1:54 part: If you ever hear me play something cool that ISN'T just a linear scale run, then it's MOST LIKELY some "variation" of the Crazy Train riff. The 2,2,4,2,5,2,4,2 part. it took forever to harmonize that part though - so I'm glad you noticed it.

I'm only comfortable with about two sections of two modes. Part of the reason I try to harmonize so many things is
A.) it sounds cool,
B.) it make me HAVE TO think about what I'm playing, exactly, and
C.) it forces me out of those comfort zones because the harmonies are almost always in my uncomfortable zones of the modes.

You'll never hear me try to do any straight shredding in a harmony unless it's tapping. Otherwise it'd fall apart and half of it would sound really bad.

But thank you for the feedback Dan! I really appreciate the support!!!

You need to take a stab at #38456
April 25 2015 07:40:06
KeitonKeiton Great Metal lead guitar, also nice sound.
+1 April 25 2015 07:42:07 KeitonHaffast
Thank you! :) I'd love to hear you guys take this thing apart and make your own version. Especially with #38456
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