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Ok, so the "Bass" in this is my guitar processed two octaves lower. Don't own a bass. Darn lefties! This was the original, finished product for Starting Point. A better bass line could fix this up more, but I'd really love to see a whole different shot a it after the rhythm part. That would be cool!


July 16 2016 21:41:27
Love this from the opening all the way through. The arrangement/structure of is crazy good. Tones = Wicked and defined between each one. Melodies are sweet.
The lead God man :) !!! I think I will go sell my guitars today and buy myself a tambourine.

June 17 2016 19:19:42
Reminds me of what a sound track to a King Diamond like song.. That's a total compliment if that was in doubt.. :)
+1 June 18 2016 07:46:07 rtkradle Haffast
That is!!!! Thanks man! I appreciate that! :)
June 26 2016 09:55:47 rtkradle Haffast
Was just jamming on some Kind Diamond tonight at a friend's house. Badass compliment!
April 28 2015 01:18:22
I've done that as well. I don't have a bass either. lol
+1 April 28 2015 02:37:55 Acousticeg Haffast
If I keep it REALLY simple, it works!
June 03 2016 21:14:33 Acousticeg Acousticeg
Works great here!
June 04 2016 08:26:05 Acousticeg Haffast
Thanks , my friend! :)
April 27 2015 00:50:22
Yeah! Great work!:)
+0 April 27 2015 00:56:45 akethesnaker Haffast
I appreciate that! you guys are a lot of inspiration around here. It helps to see so many people doing this and not being afraid to put it all out there. Thanks Ake!
April 26 2015 15:44:07
Damned man - this is hot!! Amazing track with a perfectl arangement!!
+1 April 27 2015 00:55:55 Basster Haffast
Thanks Basster! I'm really proud of this one. I pit more work into it than most of them.

Ya know, there's a track on here that I mixed down without the bass... Hint Hint. :)
April 26 2015 11:09:50
Great ;o)
+1 April 26 2015 15:24:11 Uloisius Haffast
Thank you!
April 25 2015 17:09:56
Thank you so much! I REALLY appreciate that! At 2:26, it was an attempt at a "diminished" harmony that I've heard Yngwie do so many kinds of (but WAY better)

I'm glad you like the track! I have a bunch that I did from start to finish, I just don't have them on my computer now. I can maybe get them and upload some of them and see if you guys want to do you own take on them. I like the variety on here!

April 25 2015 16:59:21
So? that's come from you? OK for me!
02:26 where does it come from :)
Just one thing: it's the starting Point and I've wait for the Start & Sprint following... probably due to the drums.
Nice to here a "global" track managed by you alone. Bravo Haffast

April 25 2015 14:30:41
Starts out like Zep... this is a cool tune ;)
+1 April 25 2015 14:55:30 Psycho Haffast
I'll take that compliment any day! Thanks Psycho!
April 25 2015 11:35:30
Nice squealing guitar work love it .Is there a no drums version ? Thanks D
+1 April 25 2015 14:58:48 Drumshticks Haffast
Hmm.... ya know.... There could be! Give me a couple hours (it's early here) and I'll put up a version with no drums and add it to the end!

Thanks! That's a great idea!
April 25 2015 16:38:22 Drumshticks Drumshticks
I always look for dessert with a good meal .D
April 25 2015 16:40:20 Drumshticks Haffast
I'm about to upload it now... Not sure where to put it in the mix, but I'll figure it out. I look forward to hearing it done by a real drummer! :)
April 25 2015 16:46:15 Drumshticks Haffast
April 25 2015 19:25:52 Drumshticks Drumshticks
Oh the efficiency of a sequencer but without a soul .Just want to rock this enough because of slower tempo but this track lends so well for double timing .D
April 25 2015 20:07:03 Drumshticks Haffast
I have total faith that you'll make it sound badass! Can't beat a real drummer. I've never been able to figure out how to program a good double kick with Beatcraft, but I know it can be done. Usually, I'm a sucker for slower drums and faster guitar though.

Can't wait to hear your take! I left an opening click track to make it easier.
April 25 2015 20:32:15 Drumshticks Drumshticks
Addictive Drums has some fairly nice metal files in program with lots of room for programming if you are not a drummer by trade.The price is a bit much but I love the kits .I much would rather trigger an acoustic kit into a PC speed ,grand articulation and multiple kits .D
April 25 2015 21:31:37 Drumshticks Haffast
I don't think I've heard of that program before. I trust you that it's awesome though. You're the expert in that for sure. I'm certainly no drummer.

I'm pretty happy with Beatcraft, for now, given my (lack of) talent for programming drums. They have a few awesome double kick and blast beat examples that sound natural. Not that I'm necessarily a fan of straight blast beats though.

Something about adjusting the tone/volume of the double kick to make it sound real, I think...? I watched a short tutorial before I gave up on that level of complexity. :)

I'm satisfied when I make them and they sound better than a metronome! :)
July 16 2016 21:35:38 Drumshticks Danalyze45
Haff...any of my stuff here without any of our awesome WL drummers is either Addictive Drums or Session Drummer...and its almost always the straight samples. I never get into the step sequencer and tweak. Too time consuming :) If that helps any?
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