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Full track name is Karoline's nightmare living inside my Guitar This is one I made a few months ago all on my own, might not be ideal for the loops but I thought I'd load it up anyway. The drums are from my Fender amp, the rest done with the Strat. It is probably ma favourite track. Anyway, all you music connoisseurs, can anyone guess what musician inspired this song? First correct guess gets a free Whiskey on the wiki sofa :)
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blues, blues rock,


That rhythm takes that train!
was poking around your playlists - YUM! :26 - love that dramatic low down sound. this is slick, TG. the progression is unusual - and your fingers are fluid and flurried! great soaring at 1:34. this is loaded with gems, and the build just about busts my head open - yes, that's a GOOD thing! :) 3:03 - uh HUH! really fine guitar playing - enjoyed your act totally. :)+2
July 25 2015 23:02:03
TeeGee Thanks Anne, I am chuffed you like it - I am pretty proud of this one. I stated it as something different, it was more bluesy but then... :) Regarding 3:03 - check out track #44249 then you know where this comes from :D +1
July 25 2015 23:09:00
AnneCozean and now i KNOW!!!!! +1
Magnifique!! But I cannot guess what musician inspired this one... it reminds me a bit Jeff Beck mixed with a pink floyd feeling. Sounds great mate!+1
April 25 2015 20:36:55
TeeGee Thanks! You are somewhat in the right direction but not exactly ;) +1
April 25 2015 20:39:55
Guadaña hahahaha, ok, so if is not Beck maybe is Vai or Satriani, the pupils of Beck. :) +1
nice one TG..nice tone on that guitar :)+1
April 25 2015 21:37:14
TeeGee Thanks :) +2
very good TG, no is who will be the musician who inspired you, but my sounds like good work of TG-Strat+1
April 25 2015 21:38:50
TeeGee Thanks :) +1
April 25 2015 22:08:19
TeeGee Especially the second part came from here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoasUjXBkm8 +1
April 25 2015 22:36:36
ivax hurt by the Fund, are heard noises, not is if you will be in my player +0
April 25 2015 22:41:16
TeeGee Sorry Ivax, did not understand that...write it in Spanish maybe? +1
April 25 2015 22:51:10
ivax digo que es una lastima que se escuchan ruidos en el fondo de la pista...el traductor a veces lleva a error +1
April 25 2015 22:53:43
TeeGee I understand now:) The background noise is "vinyl scratch" - I put it on on purpose so it sounds 1967 - like the songs that inspired it :) +1
April 25 2015 23:00:12
ivax Fantastico TG +0
Really very good TG !! The tone is great, your playing as well!!! Idea and implementation are great!! Love it.... playlist my friend...
I read Whiskey- Irish, you are a little gourmet!
April 25 2015 21:49:48
TeeGee Thanks Franky. I do like a good single malt whiskey, but to be honest a while ago I bought some George Dickel Tennessee whisky and I liked it a lot... :P +1
April 25 2015 22:00:50
frankyguitar Okay, now the battle- I go to get a little single malt.... now I'm thirsty... lol +1
Excellent TG... Bloomfield ??+1
April 25 2015 23:26:08
TeeGee That is a good one, but it came from this place https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoasUjXBkm8 +1
April 25 2015 23:27:55
Psycho No kidding Green was a thought :) +0
April 26 2015 00:03:44
TeeGee You know your stuff! +0
absolut großartiger Track ;o)+1
April 26 2015 13:28:26
TeeGee Danke Ulo :) +1
da ist ganz viel Knistern drin, ist das gewollt ? so a la Plattenwiedergabe ? oder liegt das an meinem PC ?? ansonsten find ich´s gut ;)+0
April 25 2015 20:15:59
TeeGee Ja ist Plattengeräusch. Gehört manchmal dazu, bei uns alten Leuten :D +2
April 25 2015 20:21:58
AKchen ah ok, dann ist's ja gewollt, coole Idee ;) +0
Nice1 TG!:) sure is a very nice song!....Is it Thomas Blug? :D.

Your guitar playing is very very cool m8!;)
April 25 2015 21:38:24
TeeGee Thanks! No, not him, much more older. We are talking 67, 68 period +1
April 25 2015 21:41:26
Guadaña hahaha, ok... +0
April 25 2015 22:08:56
TeeGee The second part I was trying to get the feel of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoasUjXBkm8 +1
April 25 2015 22:13:42
Guadaña Yeah!! Good inspiration then mate!! +1
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