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some practice for me and my looper, to get familiar with drop2-voicings.. Used Boss Rc30 and one of its drum-presets, bass keyboard for vibraphone and guitar. Basic beginning loop for 4bars. Maybe someone can use this track. Do what you like.
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looper, melodic minor, practice


:D:D:D Slow Bouncer... but bouncy as hell... very good loopin my friend!!+2
April 26 2015 21:41:45
Pit Brett thank you KangooVoXey :D.i am an old bouncer :) :D +1
groovy Taste. great and good to listen! :)+1
April 26 2015 21:17:59
Pit Brett dankeschön aduenwald :) +0
very cool+1
April 26 2015 21:37:26
Pit Brett thank you cody :) +1
Got to be honest about this I love everything about it..except the canned drum track. Good drama and build. Is that a fugue at the end? Cool!+1
April 27 2015 16:01:15
Pit Brett thank you Wade: Stupid thing, that the drum-can is present throuh th complete song.
At the end i added more and more loops to collaps the track.
The looper can pitch down one octave, I used this FX and stopped the loops. sounds like vinyl slowed down :)
April 27 2015 21:49:46
Wade Nice effect. Didn't even think about how it came abut (too many years of hearing just vinyl). +0
wie fantastisch !!!! :)+1
April 27 2015 15:56:08
Pit Brett vielen Dank :) +1
April 27 2015 20:25:51
AKchen PS: die Drum macht die Sache so spannend & kontinuierlich ... finde das sogar cool ;) +1
what a track here... So strange and great... you managed all very very well... of course, I've heard and like a lot the guitar tone and notes you are playing (Twice reminds me John Scofield).
Respect Peter!
And with akchen on vocals... WOW
Hatte bisher nur Zeit für einen Daumen! Dafür jetzt: Wirklich verzauberndes Glockenspiel, Pit! Ein wunderbare Grundlage für akchen schönes Lied! :)+1
April 28 2015 22:44:18
Pit Brett Danke Marc! sehr nett von Dir! keine Zauberei von mir, aber von akchen :) +1
gostei dessa guitarra ótimo+1
April 28 2015 23:32:18
francisco al
Pit Brett muito obrigado :) +0
So nice and a bit weird, I like it! :)+1
very nice ideas ! love the unusual melody approach ... somewhat scofieldish :)+1
April 29 2015 00:16:44
Pit Brett thank you OliV! +1
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