The Quickening

Remix step #4 (playing)
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Haffast149 jams Supporter
+ 16
This was an awesome, classic jam! Had a lot of fun trying to add something memorable to it! :)


April 30 2015 18:55:35
Super awesome stuff y'all.
+1 April 30 2015 19:25:58 King1971 Haffast
Thanks King! I know I had fun with this one! :)
April 28 2015 13:33:50
Fantastic track! Perfect guitars!;)
+1 April 28 2015 19:39:01 akethesnaker Haffast
Thanks Ake! I appreciate that! Glad you liked it! Really cool track to play on!
April 28 2015 09:17:41
By the way I would be your rhythm guitarist anytime. :)

April 28 2015 09:15:20
:) This put a huge smile on my face. Well played. Just how it should be. The solo towards the end was face melting.
+1 April 28 2015 19:38:14 PeterVeillon Haffast
I'm glad you liked it! Thank you SO much! I'm a big fan of your work. You have some awesome chops and I dig your style. I thought this was a really cool track and I was glad to try to contribute something fitting.

I appreciate your creativity. I don't have a role lot of originality in me. Kinda rehashing the same variations of solos and harmonies over and over... But thanks again!
April 28 2015 05:20:51
Excellent from start to end.. Rather complex architecture about it..! :)
+1 April 28 2015 06:15:08 rtkradle Haffast
Thanks a lot! I can only take credit for about half of the second half. As far as the guitars go, Peter did all the heavy lifting and I only added some harmonies on top. But thanks! :)
April 28 2015 01:14:58
Great tune...excellent guitar playin and really like your harmonies.
+1 April 28 2015 01:55:13 Acousticeg Haffast
Thanks! Peter had an awesome track to harmonize with. I loved the riff he had for it. It lent well to a harmony. Thanks!
April 27 2015 20:39:22
Wow, really nice solo! Perfect add
+1 April 27 2015 21:10:57 Buran70 Haffast
Thank you, Buran! I REALLY appreciate that! I was just enjoying a few of your tracks, again, earlier. Amazing technique and quality!
April 27 2015 19:06:05
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 April 27 2015 19:23:26 Lenny Cowler Haffast
Thanks Lenny! Glad you like it! It was a fun one!
April 27 2015 12:58:09
Excellent job Haf... killer lead !!
+1 April 27 2015 18:24:42 Psycho Haffast
Thanks Psycho!! it helped that there was an awesome track making it all pop out! I admire you guys who can make these great riffs. I can't come up with those. Glad you liked it!
April 27 2015 12:57:50
+1 April 27 2015 18:22:43 jmrukkers Haffast
Thanks a lot! :) I appreciate it! This was a fun one!
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