The Quickening

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This was an awesome, classic jam! Had a lot of fun trying to add something memorable to it! :)


Oh the things to do list grows and grows :) Hahahaha ! awesome stuff here !+2
April 27 2015 07:13:51
Haffast The bat signal is shining for you for when you have some time. Lol +1
April 27 2015 07:00:13
Haffast Thanks a lot Cody! +1
Oh! awesome guitar work again m8!:)This would fit the film perfect!"Highlander"is one of my fav's!;)....your playing is so clean and articulate Haffast its great!:):)+1
April 27 2015 18:15:41
Haffast Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it! I'm quite the Highlander fan myself and i always struggle with title for these things. :)

And i appreciate the clean and articulate comment. Not sure I agree with that, but thanks! :)
Uh - this song is about 3 years old :D Thanks a lot for picking up this awesome track by peter and shum! Great guitar add!! It sounds like it has aver been there! ;)+1
April 27 2015 18:18:28
Haffast Awesome track by Peter, Shum and YOU too!Originally, I was just going to add the harmony part at the beginning and middle, then I got sucked into it. I love that heavy, driving beat!

I'm thankful for the recommended tracks on the side, otherwise I'd never catch all the awesomeness you guys have done over the years! :)
Wow WOw wOW+1
April 27 2015 18:21:11
Haffast I'm really glad you like it! I struggled with wanting to add much to it. That's why the first half is still empty (hint hint).

Peter had an awesome riff for this and I couldn't resist!
April 27 2015 18:22:43
Haffast Thanks a lot! :) I appreciate it! This was a fun one! +1
Excellent job Haf... killer lead !!+1
April 27 2015 18:24:42
Haffast Thanks Psycho!! it helped that there was an awesome track making it all pop out! I admire you guys who can make these great riffs. I can't come up with those. Glad you liked it! +0
April 27 2015 19:23:26
Lenny Cowler
Haffast Thanks Lenny! Glad you like it! It was a fun one! +1
Wow, really nice solo! Perfect add+1
April 27 2015 21:10:57
Haffast Thank you, Buran! I REALLY appreciate that! I was just enjoying a few of your tracks, again, earlier. Amazing technique and quality! +1
Great tune...excellent guitar playin and really like your harmonies.+1
April 28 2015 01:55:13
Haffast Thanks! Peter had an awesome track to harmonize with. I loved the riff he had for it. It lent well to a harmony. Thanks! +0
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