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Sort off classic/jazz piece with lots of modulations, didn’t worked out the rhythmic parts though, since they’re supposed to be improvisations
If someone wants to freak out on these sections, I can make them longer and without the drums so there could be some interaction,
Bass and a soprano sax would be great, but anything will do..:)


April 30 2015 06:38:10
+1 April 30 2015 11:29:21 haddock fanne
thanks haddock!it wouldn't hurt if there was a bass here and there...:)
April 29 2015 20:43:33
This is good!
+1 April 30 2015 11:27:39 Marceys fanne
Thanks Marcey!now time for a real pianist !this cost me a lot of editing..
April 29 2015 19:42:00
very nice piano ! drums could be replaced yes ! cool playing :)
+1 April 29 2015 20:31:08 OliVBee fanne
Thanks Oliv! I'm not that satisfied with the piano ,did you red my question on the CC64 on the forum?
April 29 2015 20:37:10 OliVBee OliVBee
welcome ! yes though i'm not using cubase ...
April 29 2015 20:50:14 OliVBee fanne
I'll make an upload without the middle section so there will be room for drums, bass and someone who can really play piano
April 29 2015 02:39:07
what a lovely listen John!
+1 April 29 2015 20:26:28 MorganLeFey fanne
Hey Vicky!,glad to hear from you,we all missed you here:)
April 29 2015 22:49:59 MorganLeFey MorganLeFey
I've missed being here. The tenants moved in a week ago and it has taken me all this time to feel somewhere near normal. Have just started busking again and have lost a load of vocal fitness in the 5 months I havent done it. So for now its once a week till my voice regains fitness and by then hopefully I can find my muse ;-)
April 28 2015 19:06:41
Stunning! Love your piano playin, John. Great ideas, great sound!
+1 April 28 2015 22:48:43 Liesching fanne
As it comes from a master...,I surely take it as a serious compliment!
April 28 2015 09:47:21
I love this kind of thoughtful jazz changing to livelier texture in places, never losing the thread of it's melancholic ambience. So beautiful!
+1 April 28 2015 10:26:10 Marianne fanne
These words.....If I was as good on the piano, I would be a happy man :)Thank you Marianne!
April 28 2015 10:37:57 Marianne Marianne
My pleasure! And your response proves that you are already much better than good on the piano, John! :)
April 28 2015 00:21:27
Fine playing and sound!
+1 April 28 2015 10:21:16 akethesnaker fanne
thanks ake!,tried out some new software
April 27 2015 21:26:59
Well played I miss my piano might have to get another
+2 April 28 2015 10:20:20 Rickplayer fanne
Thanks Rick. So do than we can do a real boogie woogie! :)
April 27 2015 21:08:50
Fantastic sound. Very inspiring.
+1 April 28 2015 10:18:07 pkliesch fanne
thanks pkliesch,not as good as your compositions :)but I nearly reached your knees, am I ? :)
April 29 2015 13:36:04 pkliesch pkliesch
You reached the (rest of my) hair. :)

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