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Great track from three of my favorite players. Trying not to use the elbows to squeeze in here and left a chunk of open space in the last 1/4. Playing a 1925 Buescher soprano on this one. Ran it through the effects box and unfortunately had to much delay.


January 18 2016 14:40:08
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Fantastic, Wade you play this so confident , only beautiful:)
+1 January 18 2016 20:42:23 frankyguitarWade
As with actors and pro musicians...it's an act...not confident at all, just play that way. Maybe some day I'll convince myself? Thanks Franky. Glad you like.
January 17 2016 19:35:10
TofzegritTofzegrit As a super Marceys fan, follower, friend... I've completely missed this one !!
Super Jazz track where you play so classy!
I like it like it!

+1 January 18 2016 08:54:29 TofzegritWade
Totally understandable. Just glad if it provided some momentary pleasure. Such a great lineup how could I go wrong?
January 18 2016 10:22:20 TofzegritTofzegrit
I upload the guitar NOW! :)
May 19 2015 01:32:09
mpointonmpointon Fantastic, Wade! Lovely tones, lovely playing! Another damn upload I somehow managed to completely overlook.
+1 June 22 2015 03:37:26 mpointonWade
Hey, another comment I also overlooked! Was on the road, so missed your comment. Many thanks!
May 15 2015 17:27:49
pklieschpkliesch Cool and jazzy loungefeeling. Great Wade! :)
+1 June 22 2015 03:36:44 pklieschWade
Thanks so much for the listen and comment. Was on the road, so missed replying at that time. Cheers!
May 06 2015 10:17:10
LieschingLiesching Well this is high class playin, Wade! What a sensitive treat of this awesome piece! Reminds me to the soft sax playin of many tracks on Stings "Nothing like the sun"...
+1 May 08 2015 19:53:03 LieschingWade
Too kind! Just doing what I hear fitting. Wish I could do fancy/classy. Some day.
May 03 2015 11:22:36
onewholeftonewholeft Been listening to lots of sax on this cruise but your still tops in the list
+1 May 08 2015 19:51:33 onewholeftWade
Very kind of you to say. I'm not tops in my list. So many good players here (and elsewhere).
May 02 2015 23:23:07
francisco alfrancisco al bem legal
+1 May 08 2015 19:50:07 francisco alWade
Thanks francisco. I greatly appreciate your listening and comment.
May 01 2015 03:13:04
nuno1959nuno1959 Oh yes, i like this very much Wade, such a cool flow..
Love how every part enhances the previous & how it all gels together !
Great add & a fine mix.. ;)

April 29 2015 07:09:22
haddockhaddock Sooo nice listening to this! Thanks Wade and all :)
+1 April 30 2015 11:51:26 haddockWade
Hi Haddock. Off to Norway tomorrow. Still sorry it won't work out to visit you this time. Thanks for the listen and comment. Much appreciated.
April 28 2015 21:17:16
ShiShi got that slinky soft thing going on here Wade...cool grooviness with nice contrasts from all too
+1 April 28 2015 22:56:41 ShiWade
Thanks Shi. Not a style I often play. Glad it works. Such a fine track from all the others. Just wanted to be in there.
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