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Great track from three of my favorite players. Trying not to use the elbows to squeeze in here and left a chunk of open space in the last 1/4. Playing a 1925 Buescher soprano on this one. Ran it through the effects box and unfortunately had to much delay.


Hey my amigo... This sounds PROPER... ! D:D:+2
April 28 2015 22:51:43
Wade PROPER??? I've tried to avoid proper my whole life. We'll fix proper when I get there. +2
Excellent playing, love that sound! Here you come out in the mix and that's good!+2
April 28 2015 22:53:04
Wade Thanks Lutz. I'd like to hear you play this as it's much more your style and I think you'd do a great job on this. Haven't heard much from you...I miss your sound and sensitivity. Soon please. +1
awesome Wade:)+1
April 28 2015 22:40:26
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny. +1
A dreaming sax ride Wade. Yeah! Awesome interpretation;)+1
April 28 2015 22:40:57
Wade Thanks very kind of you to say. +0
super nice track ! cool effects too allthough i think the soprano sounds a tad veiled ... a touch of eq to give it a lil bit of air would solve that ;) great tune all together !+1
April 28 2015 22:43:53
Wade OK, I know I've got to get lesson from you. It's all a mystery to me. I get recording dry then tweaking. When recorded through the box I've got no idea how to use EQ to take out what the box did (too much of).

Oh, and don't pull of my veil...everybody will see the fake musician.
April 28 2015 22:48:08
OliVBee fake musician ??? never seen that one in you ... and we've been playing flat acoustic !! ôÔ no way to hide ;) +0
very well done! I don't think you had to much delay.
Maybe OlivBee is right with eq, but... so much options...
April 28 2015 22:44:41
Pit Brett
Wade Thanks Pit. I've got no clue about editing, but like that you liked. +1
April 28 2015 22:52:26
Pit Brett
Pit Brett i heard no bad mix from you. and you always watch out for new sounds.
I think OlivBee would like to have your sax more in spotlight. that is what i understand!
Thanks Wade for this cool present! Love your sax, nice soft tone! I don't mind the delay here either! Tnx for the cool and well-balanced ride! :)+1
April 28 2015 22:47:08
Wade All thanks to you Marceys. You brought out the jazz thing in such a way that I really wanted to be part of this. Means a lot to me when the creator of a track is OK with the add. Thanks. +0
Great man !!+1
April 28 2015 22:48:30
Wade Thanks Mr Psycho. Not a style I often play. Glad you like. +0
The delay sounds fine to me - its subtle enough to just be mild compliment to the over all texture+1
April 28 2015 22:49:12
Wade Thanks ddruszkowski. Appreciate your opinion. +0
i love this Wade, sounds nice with the cans on+1
April 28 2015 22:50:44
Wade OK, you've got me. Cans on? Headphones???
Thanks Frank...that is if you're not talking about ear plugs!
April 29 2015 01:11:01
FrankMil yes, headphones. Not cold enough for ear muffs yet.
Definately not ear plugs. Thumbs up!
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