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Let`s see if someone would like to jump on ;)
I love the original classik version from Pachelbel and so i wanted to play a version too. (I know - there are already many versions from this in the internet)
But hey - let us see where this will go ;)


December 05 2015 03:50:34
DirkusDirkus Great, Basster! I am brand new learning the bass, and this is so great to help me practice with the gang but on my own. Are you tuned EADG on this? Not sure I'm able to hit that lowest note (o: Sorry for my ignorance.
+1 December 05 2015 08:35:10 DirkusBasster
Hi Dirkus - it is very nice to know that i can help you learning bass 😉
For playing the lowest note you have to tune down to D. In the original track the low d is played an oktave higher. If you want to play it like that you dont need to tune down😉
December 05 2015 20:25:12 DirkusDirkus
Thanks, Basster! Got it! I see what you mean. The low D you play does sound great, but I can "get by" by playing the D an octave up. Cheers!
December 05 2015 22:07:40 DirkusBasster
Yeah buddy - you got it ;)
Btw. i play mosttimes with a bass tuned down to C (C - F - A# - D#) that means i can`t play with open strings and have to grip all notes ;)
December 06 2015 01:44:38 DirkusDirkus
Yeah, I read somewhere to try to play all closed frets so you can transpose more easily. Thanks for the Tip! I'll play with it! Awesome.
May 15 2015 08:58:59
GiLangGiLang Awesome Basster as always...:)

May 02 2015 22:00:55
francisco alfrancisco al muito bom trabalho

May 02 2015 18:03:00
HaffastHaffast I'm with Dan... "Let's see..." :)

Thank you for starting this one! You're rocking it as always and this made for a lot of for all. This will be a popular one that new guys (like me) will be finding years from now too! :)

May 02 2015 06:41:19
chrisbasschrisbass cooool

May 02 2015 02:31:32
Danalyze45Danalyze45 hahahha let's see if someone would like to jump in he says....lololol :)

May 01 2015 03:58:27
nuno1959nuno1959 Cool idea, interesting to see what gets added !!

April 28 2015 15:57:35
Pit BrettPit Brett tolle Idee!

April 28 2015 15:23:29
PsychoPsycho Should go places... good stuff !!

April 28 2015 15:13:05
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good Basster, I like classik and Pachelbel is very nice:)


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