Rainy Night in the City

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piper981 jams

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Added flute riffs, some keyboard, techno stuff, enjoy!
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Electronic, Jazz, Piper, Flute, Keys


April 28 2015 18:32:34
piper Thanks Kermit :) +0
Great piper, what kind of keyboard do you play here?+1
April 28 2015 18:32:11
piper A couple, I'm not very good at it but it's fun! A Yamaha P120 and an old Junker CT 491, LOL. My son is much better than me, I just play around with it but it's fun to add in stuff. +2
Excellent tune. I'm always a sucker for that kind of TB-303 mono bass synth stuff. :D+1
April 28 2015 19:24:12
piper I couldn't resist it! I hope I did it justice! :) +0
I love this track, rain sound and all :)+1
Did you get that rain effect from my neck of the US? Cool work Piper.+1
April 30 2015 01:38:33
piper Yeah, it's always raining where you are! +1
April 30 2015 04:43:06
Fishinmissio You should hear my soundclip I recorded out my back window on the 4th of July +0
Close my eyes and feel like rain in the city! Wonderful, Piper!+1
very cool ;o)+1
April 29 2015 13:17:22
piper Thank you Uloisius! +0
Cool atmosphere, creative, very good job!+1
May 01 2015 20:05:29
piper Thank you very much for the kind comment :) +0
like this template :)+1
Really cool template, piper! :)+0

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