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Always consider me as a trainee on my new instrument on this Psycho awesome musical act... and go on being patient please. Thanks :D :D Sure tomorrow I'll improve!! Promise!! Free to join to all of you of course.. Harp?... yes, it fits ;)
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rock ballad


April 29 2015 00:15:59
Lenny Cowler
Anno_Nym Ok great drummer!! Very glad! +1
Very cool+1
April 29 2015 00:18:28
Anno_Nym The G and C tune are easy to play in this instrument. Thnks Jmruk ;) +1
Great job.... glad you joined in ;)+1
April 29 2015 00:22:59
Anno_Nym Great is your open template, "mellow killer" Psycho ;);). Yes! A pleasure to join in it ;). +0
menudo rodaje = often shooting :)+1
April 29 2015 00:29:53
Anno_Nym Hola y gracias amigo español ;) +0
I like the sound of it :)+1
April 29 2015 00:38:03
Anno_Nym charming and sweet sound, yeah! Sweeter than mandolin. This is just a small guitar.. It can not even be called ukulele.. Thnks TG..;) +1
Mi piace Franz il tuo linguaggio si amplia ogni giorno di più.... ;)+1
April 29 2015 00:41:29
Il Tello
Anno_Nym Daaaai!!;) Se mi chiedi di ripeterlo non so neanche da dove incominciare ahahaha. Comunque se lo dici tu che sei un asso in materia, mi fido ciecamente.. Thnks Tello. +0
super :)+1
April 29 2015 09:20:59
Anno_Nym Hi Akchen, Glad u like.. Hope to play this instrument always better, Thnks for your comment;) +0
very nice ;o)+1
April 29 2015 14:17:27
Anno_Nym It is a pleasure to play that instrument.. I'm a little revved up:D Thnks Ulo +0
Sounds great mate!!+1
April 29 2015 16:41:00
Anno_Nym Yeah! that Indio guitar hypnotized me.. Thnks for compliment mate! +1
Love the mandolin, sounds great!+1
May 01 2015 00:35:53
Anno_Nym Hi Piper, it is not properly a mandolin. It is the "charango"... a southamerican indio little guitar. Thnks for compliment. +1
May 01 2015 13:57:29
piper Wow, I didn't know that :) very pretty sound. +1
May 01 2015 22:10:37
Anno_Nym Surprise for many and many explanations in this place Piper hahaha.. +0

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