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I added a final solo (from 3.20 to the end).
Maybe the song is now complete. If you don't think so, please add whatever you want! ;-)


May 04 2015 02:31:39
rtkradlertkradle Way Cool..! Great Loud in Head Gear! :)

May 02 2015 17:19:41
MonikaMonika good gracious, that pulls me socks off. excellent :)

May 02 2015 00:11:40
woXeywoXey wohoo!!!! this is madness!! great playing !! :D
+1 May 02 2015 01:51:54 woXeyHaffast
He blew my mind. :) Awesome!
April 29 2015 19:53:52
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect:)

April 29 2015 14:05:56
UloisiusUloisius cool ;o)

April 29 2015 01:13:44
HaffastHaffast Wow. I don't even know the words to say to this, Buran. This is beyond "epic" and "amazing". It's solos like yours that are the reason that I ever picked up a guitar in the first place.

I feel both honored and ashamed to have my music in the same song as yours. :)

You just blew my mind! AWESOME! Thanks for letting me be a part a part of this!

+1 April 30 2015 01:12:31 HaffastBuran70
Well, the honor's all mine, Haffast
April 30 2015 01:28:07 HaffastBuran70
Well, the honor's all mine, Haffast
April 30 2015 06:15:58 HaffastHaffast
Thank you very much! It's actually turned into a great lesson for me. I'm trying to learn the first part of your solo, as accurately as I can. You captured the emotion so well!

The tapping, is WAY over my head to even begin with. Honestly, I'd love to see a video of that last section. My ear can't even guess what you're doing! Some kind of finger tapped, 3 note per string (at least) arpeggios...?

It's insanely beautiful! Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of it! :)
April 30 2015 09:38:13 HaffastBuran70
Thanks again, but, please, don't exaggerate with the compliments! Anyway, going back to my solo... the first part (the melodic one) is completely improvised ;-). The tapping part is borrowed from some exercises I studied few weeks ago. If you agree, I can send you the tabs of this exercises (they have the same harmonic progression). Please give me a couple of days... in case I will not be able to find them I will try to record a video...
April 30 2015 13:22:48 HaffastHaffast
That would be fantastic. Thank you! I've wanted to find something to really, REALLY study and outrageous until I can get it right. It might take a few years, but I'll get it! :)
April 29 2015 01:00:01
RobMRobM Beyond Awesome !!!!! :O

April 29 2015 00:18:13
akethesnakerakethesnaker You made my day! This is fantastic! MASTERPIECE! BRAVISSIMO!

April 29 2015 00:04:42
ToadCruncherToadCruncher holy guitar gods!
Hell yeah man:D

April 29 2015 00:03:01
PsychoPsycho Fantastic piece, by both you guys. Great sweeping Buran !!
+2 April 29 2015 02:03:53 PsychoHaffast
Thanks Psycho! Buran knocked it out of the park though. For sure. :)

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