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Thank you, Psycho! I was desperately trying to remember who part of the riff reminded me of - Tom Petty's Learning To Fly.+2
Brilliant track as per, Cody! Great anthemic build-up - really 'happy end-of-film' feel to it.+1
Wooow.. The sunny rock I like from my depth.. Wonderful!! Magic!!;)+1
Oh my, another jolt starting me up on this cold cloudy morning. A perfect listen to turn the day around into wonderful musical dancing with the wikiloopers! :)+1
fantastic Cody+1
Got a Tom Petty flavor... great job cody !!+1
Haha, was thinking to name Tom Petty but Psycho and mpointon was before:)+1
Complete and well built... Bravo Cody+1
lovely :)+1
Beautiful happy song :) Nice one Cody :)+1

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