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Excellent template. Love a good Bossa-nova. It went like this: hit record. Play bog-standard Bossa. Press stop. Mix it. Wait for Bontempi to sue me. Enjoy.


Ah, nice. Bookmarked!+2
April 29 2015 23:44:33
R1772 Thanks a lot, danny. +0
Cool bossa mates!!+2
Great drums (as always) mpointon! What´s very special in your additions is that you seem to slip into the Composers mind and Play exactly what is needed and--last not least you create the Sound and mix which is needed also.Big pleasure to hear this.+1
April 29 2015 17:22:26
mpointon Thank you! To me, that's the ultimate compliment: that I 'belonged' to your tune. The hardest thing for any musician to learn, in my opinion, is that you're there to compliment a song. In short, when to 'go mad' and when not to. Playing something simple but well is more rewarding to me than complicated stuff. And I've been kicked out of a few bands over the years for overplaying so learned that the hard way! :) +1
April 29 2015 17:31:08
R1772 I agree 100%..was critisized some years before as Bassist in a band to Play to busy and complicated bass lines:-))). I tried later to listen in Details to the pros:Free and Bad Company: I think, the Drummer and the Bassist dont Play much..but ist 100% suitable and well sounding, +1
April 29 2015 17:39:20
mpointon Yep! And like AC/DC too, simple doesn't mean it's actually easy to play well. I've heard too many bands wreck 'Alright Now' and 'Can't Get Enough' in my time! +0
Nice! :)+1
perfect colleague:)+1
:) :D+1
You just made this template very appealing... great job !!+1
April 30 2015 02:33:37
mpointon Thanks, Psycho. Sometimes the cheesiest is the most fun! It is for me :) +0
It's Herb Alpert! Awesomely cheesy and retro.+1
nice groove....:) well done!!!+1
Thanks, so much, Guadana. I´m happy you think so.+0

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