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A little folk-pop song (just nylon and steel in the first version). All kind of adds welcome!
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Folk, pop, guitar, acoustic


She's the one. One look into her steel blue eyes, an ocean deep where mysteries are hidden never to be discovered by mortal man. One look at her luscious full rosebud lips, a Paradise where the tree of life grows. One look at her long wavy hair, the mane of a lion immersed into the setting of the sun. One look at her stature, the 8th wonder of the world. One look at her heart, a universe of love, peace, joy, grace and compassion. She's the one in life and death. And even if she was just a mirage, I would fall in love with her heart. She would always be the one for me!+2
very nice:)+1
Very beautiful+1
excellent i can hear james taylor's voice singing over this. Its a hit.+1
April 29 2015 23:26:53
pkliesch Thank you, davet. You're right. It's Taylor-Style (Perhaps I ate too much applepie in the last days) :D +1
well, I love these guitars the sound+1
:) so lovely and so well played!!! :) ;)+1
February 02 2018 09:47:44
pkliesch Thank you, jjdf! :) +0
Sublime playing here! Love it! Great feel! :)+0
April 29 2015 19:37:49
pkliesch Thank you, Marc :) +0
nice pair of guitars :) cool playing !+0
April 29 2015 19:38:08
pkliesch Happy, you like it! :) +1
Soft & Cool, Bravo+0
April 29 2015 21:28:06
pkliesch Thank you, Tof. Doesn't reach your perfection. +0
melodisch, klar, harmonisch, strukturiert, sehr guter Mix. Noch was? :) Klasse! :)+0
April 29 2015 21:29:40
pkliesch Danke, lieber adu, für das nette Kompliment:) +0
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