Boogie like I never boogied (Duo)

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An absolute Improv, first take, following my ear exclusively - which is a great exercise. It seemed a quite challenging complex structure, but it was easier than I thought. Thanks, John!
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Improvisation, duo chamber music


such a nice duo :) less fan of those drums but the overall interaction between the piano and the sax is great !+2
Only 5 thumbs!!! I think this is so damed good!!What a wonderfull interpretation Lutz!outstanding add thank you so much.+2
oh my 8 seconds in and I love it already...just as if you were there in the room together....elegant work from you both John and Lutz :)+2
Two men who have music oozing from every pore. this is so lovely. A match made in music heaven+2
Improvisation is the Genesis of all musical creation(YJM):)....this track proves this very point!:)...beautiful playing Lutz & Johnv!;)+2
Really nice playing Lutz! :)+2
Way to go Lutz!
Bold present tone that's right in there with the piano and filling out those melodic possibilities. Such a fine duo.
Very good Lutz! You play amazingly if you did this in one take by ear....😎+1
i´m looking forward to hear you live again! super playin´:)+1
Great and compassionate sax playing as usual!+1
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