Bossa "Chiptunica" :-))

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Inspired by mpointon´s funny "Bontempi"-idea and of course his fine suitable drumming on my "52-Bar Bossa" template (#38793)I tried to add a bit cheap "chiptune feel" to the track (amongst an old "Shadows"- style e-guitar).


May 04 2015 01:12:34
mpointonmpointon Perfect! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to take the mickey out of your template. It just begged for a traditional bossa and it just made me think of '80s Bontempi and Casio keyboards (I had a Casio 101!) But I love the C64 SID sounds to your add. It's as if Mario spent too long in the lift! Love it.
+1 May 04 2015 16:17:50 mpointonR1772
Thanks a lot, mpointon.Sometimes the built in bossa sounds of a cheap home Keyboard suits very well to a bossa.There are even chiptune masterworks with a real good jazz feeling. Do you know this one? As far as I can hear, it is using pure saw waves.
May 03 2015 00:35:32
Pit BrettPit Brett Haha lustige Klänge! sehr schön :)
+1 May 04 2015 22:42:10 Pit BrettR1772
Vielen Dank, Pit. Dann hat sich die Sache ja gelohnt:-)
May 03 2015 00:21:01
R1772R1772 Thanks so much, woXey. I´happy you like it!

May 03 2015 00:19:38
R1772R1772 Thanks a lot, Francisco!

May 02 2015 22:45:04
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal

May 02 2015 00:21:00
woXeywoXey great stuff man!!! reminds me of some 80s video games!! just great amigo!

May 01 2015 22:47:03
R1772R1772 Vielen Dank, pkliesch, für dieses super-Kompliment!

May 01 2015 11:22:39
pklieschpkliesch King of 80s electric sound! :)

May 01 2015 07:21:57
MarianneMarianne Love this cool song, R1...dreamy, sparkly and a crystal glass of Moet Champagne! PROST! :)
+1 May 01 2015 22:48:17 MarianneR1772
Thanks so much, Marianne.Again you had given such a nice comment. I´m happy you like this tune.
May 01 2015 23:43:57 MarianneMarianne
April 30 2015 22:02:18
pauluspaulus Super cool
+1 April 30 2015 22:58:14 paulusR1772
Vielen Dank,Paulus!!

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