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Little piano theme done on a rainy afternoon in Munich :) Happy if someone would feel inspired to jump in :)


September 24 2016 12:49:23
aleonzaleonz So good to hear this song with the rain fall out side my window...this made a very excellent theme for my rainy afternoon, put a smile to my mellow beautiful Marc, as you always do!

September 23 2016 22:39:58
StefStef This is an absolute gem! All my admiration Marc! :)
+1 September 24 2016 11:49:50 StefLiesching
Grazie mille!! :)
May 08 2015 16:12:33
MorganLeFeyMorganLeFey I hope you are doing this professionally. I see this in a musical. The spotlight shines on the lead in a pensive reminiscent song before the story moves on
+1 May 11 2015 18:19:20 MorganLeFeyLiesching
No profession but addiction :) I work as a professor, which leaves some time for the keys... :)
May 06 2015 05:36:08
nuno1959nuno1959 Beautiful playing, hypnotising, a very fine piece.. ;)
+1 May 06 2015 09:40:05 nuno1959Liesching
Thanks a ton, Nuno! Your listen is much appreciated! :)
May 05 2015 06:51:17
francisco alfrancisco al muito bonito trabalho
+1 May 05 2015 16:03:08 francisco alLiesching
Thank you very much, Francisco! :)
May 04 2015 02:49:37
akethesnakerakethesnaker Hey! You`re a star! You should be on tour, make some records and just count the money:)
+1 May 04 2015 09:06:21 akethesnakerLiesching
LOL! On my tour you´d be on lead guitar, ake! plus responsible for counting the money! :)
May 03 2015 07:59:05
MarceysMarceys This is played with a very delicate feeling! Love it!
+1 May 03 2015 15:13:35 MarceysLiesching
Marc, thanks a ton for your kind words! :)
May 02 2015 12:56:47
TofzegritTofzegrit Instead of writing a comment, this time I have posted a remix for sharing what I feel when I'm listening to your musical mind.
+1 May 02 2015 16:54:01 TofzegritLiesching
And you did outstanding, man! Wonderful, Tof, thank you very much! :)
May 02 2015 12:55:11
Pit BrettPit Brett wunderschönes akustisches lächeln :)
+1 May 02 2015 16:49:39 Pit BrettLiesching
Danke lieber Pit :)
May 02 2015 00:20:05
MarianneMarianne So very enjoyable to listen to every 'individual raindrop' falling from the tired, grey sky past your window...and to hear a blackbird give its approval, pecking at a juicy worm. Rain makes me sad, but a walk in the rain is quite the opposite. Could listen to you forever, Marc. :)
+1 May 02 2015 16:47:28 MarianneLiesching
Thank you Marianne. Really grateful for your very nice compliment. :)

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