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here is a basic bluesy type backing. Its my 2nd framework i hope some one likes it enough to add to it.
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SRV, blues,


Nice Davet!+1
Well done Dave !+1
Very good template, Davet. Shurely will soon get adds! :)+1
No doubt there will be adds... perfect !!+1
Very cool one!+1
nice template Davet! :)+1
May 02 2015 23:44:28
Pit Brett
davet Thanks wanna join? +1
May 02 2015 23:52:45
Pit Brett
Pit Brett Yes, but dont know what to play at the moment. Wich instrument.... Haha :) +0
cool template...!+1
bem legal+0
Very Very nice DT!!! :)+0
July 19 2015 13:16:11
davet Thanks unfortunately i de tuned my guitar to play on another track and forgot to retune it so its all a bit flat.:-( +1
July 19 2015 19:01:03
davet you could always join in! +1
July 19 2015 19:06:37
PJE It sounds great to me and I m honoured by your invitation its downloading and I will give it a go when I get to my kit next cheers +1
Cool track+0

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