Feel Like Playing Some Blues

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Short little Blues ditty open to all


Great Rick :)+1
Like it Rick+1
You sure got the blues Rick... nice job !!+1
Oh yes, killer blues sound and rhythm, Rick! Should tempt all kinds of adds. :)+1
Love it+1
Right on+1
Very fine blues. Let us see what it want... 👍👍 Good work Rick😎😎+1
There can't be enough bluestracks on Wikiloops! :) Cool man!+1
All before me have said so much that I would only add: 1) I like very much; 2) I am sad that someone else has thought of before me. ;)+1
May 02 2015 19:15:59
Rickplayer Sorry gioganotti just something I had in my head and fingers for a while had to post Glad you liked it thanks for the listen +1
May 03 2015 10:29:38
gioganotti Do not apologize, it's a noble envy. ;) +0
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