Canon Fire!!!

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A classical classic! If Dan can put in a Thin Lizzy throwback, then I get to toss in about 5 notes from Marty. And Dan killed it on this one too. I think his heart might have exploded. Badass! Good times! :)
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Canon's cannons


Danalyze45 exactly what I was hoping for on this. I was hoping to have a "battle" where each set up the next and each players style would come out without losing the track itself....the way you took off at 2:39 kills me :) Love it. Some very cool TSO Alex Skolnick kind of playing from you at 1:00 and again at 1:50...2:54 is done so fast and cleanly executed it reminds me of Gary Moore / John Sykes :) Truly cool to listen to how this came out. Basster, Jens and Lenny I owe you guys a beer whenever we might meet :)+2
May 02 2015 18:35:21
Haffast Wow! Thanks Dan! You pretty much blew me away every second of your parts. Especially the section at about 2:15 ... Wow! Speed and melody in huge quantities! +1
May 02 2015 18:39:37
Danalyze45 Thanks Aaron..that section is combining a bit of Vinnie Moore, Eddie Van Halen and Ritchie Blackmore into one phrase :) lol +1
May 02 2015 18:59:32
Haffast That's an awesome combo! You nailed it! :) +0
May 03 2015 05:28:23
Haffast We should do this more often. It was a lot of fun, and it's gonna make be try harder. We need to do it with a ballad some time. +1
perfect head ta head!:)..awesome soloing guys!;). Such a great line up of major talent involved in this Song!:):)+1
May 02 2015 14:03:45
Haffast Thank you! Dan was really hitting it hard this one. Be pulled out since awesome skills! +0
I saw your comment last night and was anticipating this :)... you nailed the thing haf. Almost a rock call and response which I always think are cool !!+1
May 02 2015 15:49:58
Haffast Thanks Psycho! That one has always been a favorite of mine. I was happy to see it up here.

I like how Dan set it up so everyone can do the same. I was just having hard time keeping up. He was all over it!
May 02 2015 16:17:17
Psycho You two compliment each other very well :) +1
May 02 2015 16:34:35
Haffast Cool! Thanks Psycho! +0
Lenny Cowler
awesome Haffast:)+1
May 02 2015 17:59:27
Lenny Cowler
Haffast Thanks Lenny! As always, your drums were spot on and made it all stand out! :) +1
Yeahh - i am with Dan - a "leadbattle"!! Awesome buddy!!
I love it that you were looking to the original song!
May 02 2015 21:53:23
Haffast It was a lot of fun! It's a classic. Had to throw in some of the original! :) +1
Great add :)+1
May 03 2015 17:35:02
Haffast Thanks Jens! it was you and Basster that really tied this together to the actual Canon in D. and Lenny had some awesome drums for this also! Thanks for your work on this! you nailed it! :) +1
this is AWESOME !!! BIG THUMBS TO YA ALL!!!!!!!!!!+1
May 03 2015 17:35:41
Haffast Thanks man! It was a lot of fun and Dan got the ball rolling on this one! Too fun to pass up! :) +0
francisco al
muito legal+1
May 03 2015 22:12:33
francisco al
Haffast Thank you! :) +0
Nice one :)+1
May 16 2015 22:10:56
Haffast Thanks Aus! Lot of great contributions on this one! +1
so awesome! Tons of pure talent in this track! love the "guitar duels". Great job to all involved. :)+1
May 31 2015 16:08:19
Haffast Thanks Kells! This was a lot of fun to work on, and Dan has done very tasty riffage in this one.

If you're gonna go off in you own direction with complete disregard for your backing track, then it should at least be a classic! :)
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