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Completely tidied and re-built my recording rig today so it looks less like an alien autopsy and more like a recording setup. Testing slight changes to my mic positions and, most importantly, trying out miking the snare both top and bottom to try and put some more rattle into it - the snare always disappoints me in the recordings I upload so I'm trying to get more pizzaz into its recorded sound. So I jammed out this pattern to test the ...
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Martin Pointon,


Very good Martin! Think there is more depth to it this way! The bass is nice low and short...your ride sounds cool, the toms are cool, little panning on those mics? Hi-hat is crispy! The snare sounds fine too, maybe just a little but only a little to much reverb? ... Good setup!+1
May 02 2015 15:45:21
mpointon Thanks, Marc, for the comprehensive reply. I've reduced the panning on the overheads - well spotted! Reverb is my next issue to address. I need to find a decent one! +2
May 02 2015 18:09:45
OliVBee what are you looking for ? +0
May 02 2015 20:00:20
mpointon Free! I've got hold of a couple of reverbs I'm testing. The existing ones don't like the transients of snares, etc. One I'm playing with is called Ambience and it seems pretty good. Once I have a new job I'm going to get a few paid-for VSTs/AUs. +2
May 02 2015 20:14:08
OliVBee [url=]VST4FREE[/url] +2
May 03 2015 00:08:44
R1772 @OliVbee + mpointon: I think it is very hárd to find reverb plug in which sound good regarding snare.In my taste the reverb you used is just fine. +0
Nice going Lord Pointon!+1
May 02 2015 19:56:56
mpointon Thank you, Girard! +0
sounds great+1
I can hear the snare :)... and the quality is good. Nice track M !!+1
Great drum pattern. The sound is amazing, including the snare.Thanks for HQ too. I will download and use it for new drafts/tracks.+1
Lenny Cowler
good colleague:)+1
cool recording :) ... i like a snare with a tad more rattle ... even some buzz might be cool ;)+1
May 02 2015 20:49:44
mpointon Thanks, Oli. The snare-side mic really makes a difference but there's a fine line between the Estelle and it having no effect. +1
May 02 2015 20:50:31
mpointon Estelle? Damn auto correct. I meant excess. +1
good drums, great sound...!+1
Love this template of yours, fine drumming !! I have downloaded it & am going to ''pump it up'' to 150BPM to add this bass thing…
I really hope you don't mind me taking this liberty, but it's just so PERFECT..
If for any reason you don't like it tell me & i'll pull it out, no probs - deal ? ;)
May 03 2015 03:00:32
mpointon It's never a problem Nuno - do what you need to do! It's always great what you add! +1
May 03 2015 03:02:19
nuno1959 Thank you very much, appreciate it ! +0
francisco al
benfeito trabalho de bateria+1

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