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I found the bits and piece of this 17 year old tune the other day. It's my first serious attempt at composing, playing all the instruments (except drums), and recording it. I didn't have the finished product because I never did complete it (I think I became discouraged), so I put it together yesterday. I thought I'd share this crude work with you guys by uploading all the various parts. If someone wants to do something of their own with it, go for it. I'd love to hear it.


June 20 2015 16:08:19
I love this one Psycho! You have such a range in your guitar style and i think that's fantastic.

so often I want to tell people I'm jealous of their abilities, but I can't ever bring myself to say those words because I ALWAYS know that if somebody does something well with their instrument, it's because the earned every bit of t through practice.

Well done man! beautiful track! :)

+1 June 20 2015 18:59:22 Haffast Psycho
Thanks Haf... I know what you're saying. In my younger days everytime I heard a great player if I couldn't emulate him or her I just wanted to throw my guitar in the lake. We all play with different styles/skills and there is a swing over point from beginner to accomplished. You have already made the swing, so you're good to go man :)
June 20 2015 21:02:38 Haffast Haffast
That means a lot to me. I appreciate that. Keep it coming! Always love to hear what you're cooking up! :)
May 03 2015 09:36:34
+1 June 20 2015 18:55:55 paulus Psycho
I missed seeing this, Thank Paul !!
May 02 2015 23:21:18
Fine playing!! Fine idea !!
+1 June 20 2015 18:55:36 frankyguitar Psycho
Thanks franky... I missed these comments !!
June 20 2015 19:22:13 frankyguitar frankyguitar

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