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Fab drum track i had already jammed with, if you can play it slamming because, at least here, it seems the sound opens up or something & there's also like an extra weight ? This was played twice to sense parts & stuff & recorded 1st go, tumbles & all.. was certainly good fun to play & i hope it is fun to listen as well - Enjoy !!


The Nuno trademark strikes again! Nobody plays bass like you. Long may you reign.+1
May 04 2015 03:24:21
nuno1959 Thank you very much MP, feels good to know you enjoyed this ;) +1
May 04 2015 03:26:23
mpointon I did! I love your chords. I love your tone. I love the fact you're so different. You are unique in the bass world to me. Please never, ever stop. +1
May 04 2015 03:36:30
nuno1959 Man, you leave me speechless.. my deepest thank you !
I think the difference you hear comes from the fact the first guitar i picked was a cheap & nasty nylon classical, w/ big chunky neck, strings 1/2 an inch away from fingerboard & after learning 3 or 4 ''powerchords'' i gave any punk band a run for their money in the guitar parts stakes…LOL… fast & furious baby !!…LOL..
The funny thing is i HAVE brought some of that into my bass playing, seasoned w/ a few other flavours
May 04 2015 03:43:32
mpointon Don't be speechless, just keep playing! You're without question the most interesting bass player I've had the pleasure of. +1
May 04 2015 03:53:05
nuno1959 Playing my bass ? No worries…
Cremated with me when i go so i can play gigs throughout the Universe :
Star's birthday parties, supernova & meteor showers as our stage lights, for PA subwoofers we will use MASSIVE black holes wirelessly powered by a gazillion stars !!
Yup, surfing with the alien shit i tell you… :D :D Those space jams will be remembered for Eons..
OK, time to shut up, i sound like a trekkie.. ;)
May 04 2015 03:54:52
mpointon You and me both, Nuno. I hear a Trekkie and a Hitch-Hikers fan there! No harm in that. :) +1
yeah really cool chord playing here - u got style ;)+1
May 04 2015 03:44:27
nuno1959 Thanks a million BH, it's very cool you enjoyed yourself ! +0
Very cool+1
May 04 2015 06:11:19
nuno1959 Thanks man !! +0
super bro:)+1
May 04 2015 06:11:44
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 Ah breakfast music.. ;) +0
absolutely great add+1
May 04 2015 06:12:04
nuno1959 Glad you had fun AK, thanks ;) +2
Cool chording+1
May 04 2015 13:31:43
nuno1959 Thanks JM, am afraid i dragged my a** a bit here & there but overall.. ;) +1
Go Nuno go!!! :)+1
May 04 2015 17:41:10
nuno1959 Thanks Piper, good to know you had fun listening ;) +1
fun track :)+1
May 04 2015 21:12:04
nuno1959 Thanks OliV.. it's such a great drum track ;) +1
You surprise me again and again!+1
May 04 2015 21:12:23
nuno1959 Good to know Balfo, good to know !! ;) +0
FAB nuno! :)+1
May 05 2015 16:51:17
nuno1959 Eh, eh, eh… Thanks, very glad you enjoyed it ! ;) +1

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