Gunfight in the old West

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This is an acoustic guitar piece that represents something along the lines of the climax of the movie "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" where Angel Eyes, Tuco and the Lt face off in a heated gun battle.
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very nice pair of nylon :) cool recording !+1
May 04 2015 17:25:48
Guitar 1 Thank you very much! I really like doing period pieces like this. I'm glad you enjoyed it. +1
Nice ;)+1
May 04 2015 17:26:28
Il Tello
Guitar 1 Thank you very much! +0
cool :)+1
May 04 2015 17:26:42
Guitar 1 Thank you , Kermit! +1
very good:)+1
May 05 2015 02:27:19
Lenny Cowler
Guitar 1 Thank you lenny! +1
incredibly cool G1!;)+1
May 05 2015 02:28:07
Guitar 1 Thanks a lot! I really like doing stuff like this. It gets me pumped when I am recording it. +0
muito bem executado+1
May 09 2015 22:02:33
francisco al
Guitar 1 Thank you! +0
love it+1
May 31 2015 06:56:18
Guitar 1 Thank you very much! +0
Great tribute to a great movie, superplaying, very nice composition with lots ot poise...:)+0
Fabulous. Well done.+0
very nice+0
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