You Know We Play the Blues Too

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I love playing blues on a Monday, just feels right and I wanted to follow Ake in a tribute to the King. He is in hospice care. What a legacy that man has created with his skills. I don't copy the boss but love his feel for the music. Its a feeling I have always strive to achieve someday. So here is track 2 on the Wiki Tribute to BB.


May 05 2015 12:59:20
TelemetryTelemetry Like lick. :)

May 05 2015 05:11:59
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler good:)

May 05 2015 01:57:30
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice one Ken!:)
+2 May 05 2015 02:12:59 akethesnakerKMstar
Thanks Ake, you have been cranking out some great music here yourself!
May 05 2015 02:13:28 akethesnakerKMstar
well not just lately, lol
May 04 2015 23:47:59
KMstarKMstar Also, Rickplayer has an awesome talent for the blues and nailed a bass and drum line, JMRukkers is a amazing keys player, great jam! glad I was able to play along with this!

May 04 2015 23:42:34
RickplayerRickplayer Yes indeed one of the greatest blues players ever. Sad news about him prayers for him. If nothing else what he has taught me over the years is how to play great blues. And you my friend have summed it up in your guitar addition to this basic blues track thank you so much for joining great stuff the blues.
+1 May 04 2015 23:52:22 RickplayerKMstar
Thanks, I went to his club in Orlando last year and saw the FL version of the all star band he put together. best show I ever saw for $10 lol. They told me he was still comming in and playing shows once in a while then.
May 04 2015 23:55:19 RickplayerRickplayer
Wow He is one of the blues players wanted to see (on my bucket list) Now probably won't get to.
May 04 2015 23:58:41 RickplayerKMstar
I wish I could say I have seen him, but I did drinks some beers in his house and listened to his personal band for a few hours. They were playing covers but were amazing. I think he has a four or five of the clubs, bet they will be playing an amazing tribute to him when he passes.
May 05 2015 00:01:27 RickplayerRickplayer
You got that right
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