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I recorded these lyrics to the track I shall upload shortly. Have always found the track somewhat heavy and clunky so would love it if either folks could embellish or even take it in a new direction. The lyrics tell the story of a rather conceited young lass who has been given the title of Queen of the May. Many thanks for taking a listen.
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Celtic Traditional


Lots of opportunities/space to fill in here, like it! , have something in mind, but I wait and see where this could lead too by other wikkies +1
May 05 2015 22:25:05
MorganLeFey thank you John I am always excited when you take an interest +1
Lovely voice, I'm new to loops and am discovering some amazing talent,,,thanks so much for sharing!+1
June 17 2016 03:11:23
Russ Burke
MorganLeFey Thanks so much for taking the time to listen. I am like you, so much in awe of the talent here +0
So good!+1
Very lovely vocal and wonderful lyrics Morgan<3
Lovely and wonderful vocals and lyrics :) <3+1
This is a very lovely track from you. Very well sung and produced!+1
how very wonderful :)+0
May 05 2015 08:07:02
MorganLeFey you are very kind, thank you so much for taking the time to listen +1
lindo vocal+0
May 08 2015 06:18:27
francisco al
MorganLeFey você é muito gentil +0
Superb Madame ;)+0

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