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This is a short story i've had sitting in my computer for several years. I read it the other day and wanted to share it with y'all. RobM is on the guitar and up to his usual standards of excellence.


now that was a nifty little tale, Paidra. now we all know what's with the fork...;) whew - i'm so glad the best is yet to come! Rob brings it to a close perfectly.
glad i caught your act. :)
May 05 2015 07:00:48
Marianne Oh, we've been missing you, Anne. So pleased you stopped in and enjoyed the story and Rob's guitar! Take care :) +0
Awesome !!+1
May 05 2015 07:03:56
Marianne Sure is, cody! Thank you! :) +0
Preach the word in season and out,go sisters.Great story and track you too Rob.D+1
May 05 2015 07:06:48
Marianne AMEN, brother! Thank you so much for affirming the wisdom of this story and Rob's wonderful guitar add! :) +0
I'll never look at a fork the same way again. Great story allgirl. Plus you all must have really inspired Rob... that's some of the most emotional playing I've ever heard him do !!+1
May 05 2015 07:09:36
Marianne Thank you so much Psycho for your compliment to Paidra and Rob! So much wisdom in the story and the musical expression of it. :) +1
I like the effect on the voice and the voice itself ;) ... great :)+1
May 06 2015 05:52:15
Marianne Thank you, akchen! :) +2
The things we hold dear!...what a beautiful story...put that together with Mr RobM's emotional guitar!:):)

Big Hug to You Guys!;) Just Love It!:)
May 06 2015 05:54:30
Marianne Yea, sometimes a takes a lifetime to discover what has been most treasured! Thank you, pico, for your sweet response! HUGS to you, too! :) +0
love the effect(timing) on the vocal!+1
May 06 2015 05:55:28
Marianne Thank you, Johnv, for your thoughtful response! :) +0
Well, how can you do such a performance without hesitating?
May 06 2015 05:56:17
Marianne So pleased you stopped in and enjoyed, ROBJOL! :) +0
Love the "little wing" theme as well as the short story! Great vocal sound effect. Congrats Paidra! :)+1
May 06 2015 05:59:10
Marianne Thank you, Marc, for your special appreciation of Paidra's vocalization of this fascinating story! :) +1
May 06 2015 06:00:41
Marianne Hello cschlote. So pleased you came by and enjoyed. :) +0

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