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I couldn't resist to add some guitar in this Rush like track. Amazing bass and drum job by Nuno and mspointon. Hope you like it mates, and theres room for more I think :)


And you did very well ‼️👍👍🎸🎸 Another hit for my player in car...+2
May 05 2015 20:34:36
Guadaña Thanx franky!!! It's to cool to hear the songs in a Hi-Fi!! And of course in the car ;) +1
May 05 2015 21:12:12
frankyguitar Free as the wind..... +1
Ai Guadaña, que me matas !! This is a fantastic add..
LOVE what you did here, so beautiful !! This is SO exciting.. ;)
May 05 2015 22:13:11
Guadaña jajajaja, gracias amigo!!! Es una preciosa canción, el bajo es tremendo. Amazing bass work mate!!! +1
May 06 2015 02:03:38
mpointon *You* made it like Rush, Guadaña! I had no thought that it sounded like them until you added your Alex Lifeson approach! But now you've done it, I totally get what you mean. With all the rhythm changes (which I didn't think about at the time!), it does sound like them - I just followed Nuno's lead! Really top-draw playing. :) Already one of my favourite jams here so far. +2
May 06 2015 15:47:41
Guadaña Thanx man!!! It's really a cool one, very progressive and full of creativity. I really like Rush, so I enjoyed this track so much, and hope I could join more jams like this in the future :) +1
I though of Rush when I heard it too, great song!+2
May 05 2015 23:49:46
Guadaña Thanx mate!! +0
Yes does have that Rush Vibe+1
Nice Rush vibe!+1
Very good, Guadaña! Totally agree with the Rush vibe - has got a real early Rush feel to it - and I'm happy being compared to Neil Peart! ;) Brilliant playing.+1
May 05 2015 20:33:38
Guadaña Thanx mate!!! Yeah, instantly came Rush to my head when I listened to track :). And for sure you're a great drumer as Neil Peart is. +1
May 05 2015 20:34:52
Lenny Cowler
Guadaña Thanx my friend!!! :) +1
Neat ideas G... good one !!+1
May 06 2015 15:44:55
Guadaña Thanx mate!! +0
Que prazer que é ouvir isto…. ;)+1

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