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July 07 2015 18:55:32
this is amazing... what vst do you use?
+1 July 08 2015 08:44:46 scrawfrd02 Liesching
Thanks S! I play with a Yamaha P-255 Clavinova. The piano sounds had been taken from the Y concert pianos.
July 07 2015 18:56:36 scrawfrd02 scrawfrd02
would love to know your setup.. perfect keys sound
June 22 2015 01:21:09
the listener must be strong enough to take this much tenderness....the deep strings and the exquisitely delivered keys are so sorrowfully sweet. i've said it before but shall again: wwwwaaaahhhhhhhh! i love your soulful pieces, Marc. thank you.
+1 June 22 2015 09:12:05 AnneCozean Liesching
Trank you very much, dear Anne! Very looking forward to your next song!
May 08 2015 20:08:05
Well deserved comments and thumbs for this sublime work. Forth listen now and still feeling the power, presence and peace within it. We are so fortunate to have you here.
+1 May 09 2015 12:08:54 Wade Liesching
Thanks kind wade! So you're already back from your Europe trip? Or still in Spain? You've got your Chinese one in your suitcase? :)
May 08 2015 16:08:36
A balm to the soul sir. Thank you
+2 May 09 2015 12:05:20 MorganLeFey Liesching
Morgan, i am glad you like it! :) thank you very much!
May 08 2015 14:42:40
Another wonderful Liesching track! You have a very individual playing! Wonderful!
+2 May 09 2015 12:03:52 bleymehl Liesching
So have you with your harps, Jörg! :) thank you for your beautiful add!
May 07 2015 21:15:32
Marc.... this is such a lovely piece of music that draws you into it's warm embrace and lets you dream awhile.
+2 May 07 2015 21:31:01 Shi Liesching
Thank you so much, Lady Shi! Very glad you like this one. I composed this song long ago, but recorded it the first time yesterday :)
May 07 2015 21:31:49 Shi Shi
I am so glad that you did...lovely to listen to :)
May 07 2015 07:19:59
Endloses weites Meer, endlose Stille in meiner Seele, endlose Reise auf der Suche nach dem endlosen Geschenk des neuen Lebens, neu zu entdecken wer ich war und geworden bin, auferweckt von einer Melodie die mich in das All der Zukunft leited, all meine Traenen im endlosen Meer verbirgt, und mich dann Jahr fuer Jahr mit einer kostbaren Perle segnet.
Thank you, Marc, once again for such an amazing gift from your heart to your hands! :)

+3 May 07 2015 09:05:46 Marianne Liesching
Thank you very much Marianne for your wonderful lyrics and kind words. :)
May 07 2015 02:16:11
Master!:o Are your fingers insured?:)
+2 May 07 2015 09:05:03 akethesnaker Liesching
Hey ake, thanks a ton for your listen. Nope, just the car :)
May 07 2015 00:52:10
I just cannot express in words how much joy your music fills me with Liesching :) Thank you kind sir, for sharing such joy :) :)
+3 May 07 2015 08:30:49 RobM Liesching
Thank you, kind Rob! :) Your pleasure is my honor. Grateful for your wonderful guitar add, man!
May 06 2015 23:37:03
Über Zeit und Raum gibt es nur wenige Seelen, die mich mit ihrer Musik dermaßen verführen können.
+1 May 07 2015 08:29:07 heliandros Liesching
Vielen lieben Dank, Heliandros! :) Das freut mich sehr!

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