Peanuts Butter Bread

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Did a remake of some keys. The Rhodes groove was played again and I did the solo again/different!
Little panning here and there and some volume-changes....

Liked it already... hope this one is cool too!

cheerzzzz & tnx guys... cool track!


March 27 2016 01:12:37
AcousticegAcousticeg Enjoyed!

May 08 2015 20:17:21
WadeWade Yea this the other one too though.

May 07 2015 18:37:55
pklieschpkliesch good work, Marc!

May 07 2015 09:22:41
AKchenAKchen fantastic

May 07 2015 05:07:51
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler good job:)

May 07 2015 03:22:13
HaffastHaffast I love the work you all did on this. The groove, the funk.... Righteous!

May 07 2015 01:11:13
PsychoPsycho Good job Marceys !!

May 06 2015 23:55:47
Il TelloIl Tello Very well, on this kind of music could be indicated using different place where start an instrument... for example that guitar in front of the right channel, that synth on the back channel left, et cetera et cetera .... surly you can give a different point of wiew of the every single instrument to get another "suggestive ambient"....and more in this way you can get a different kind to balanced the instrument between theme...... ;) good ;)

May 06 2015 23:33:04
nuno1959nuno1959 This is just SO.. DAMN… COOL Marceys !! Feet tapping all over..
You wicked person :D

May 06 2015 23:05:48
piperpiper Nice M. Nice and punchy! :)

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