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I was going to make a pretty, emotional, well thought out, bluesy ballad. Instead, I did this.

One take, 5 minutes, zero edits, no harmonies ;) and no plan at all. But it was fun to do!


September 13 2016 23:35:17
Oh a naked Haffast :)
Sometimes, simple is...

+1 September 14 2016 04:25:22 Tofzegrit Haffast
Thank you SO much! I'm very glad it didn't turn out terrible. Ha ha! :-)
May 07 2015 13:10:44
Very cool approach ,sounds great with V's original.BB King jumps into metal have to say big creative pursuit have listened to this multiple times .D
+1 May 09 2015 02:00:08 Drumshticks Haffast
BB king would jump out and hit me with a metal pipe if I called this the blues in front of him. :) :)

But thank you very much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!
May 07 2015 10:18:35
Hey! This is Super! Congrats! Nice crying guitar, speed, you have it all. You are fantastic man! Really!:o
+1 May 09 2015 01:58:28 akethesnaker Haffast
Oh wow.... Thanks Ake! :)

I REALLY appreciate that! For not having a plan, and only a few tricks up my sleeve, I guess it came out pretty ok. :)

At least for only one take. And I didn't cheat! ;)
May 07 2015 07:14:29
Cool Haffast :)
+1 May 09 2015 01:55:46 Keiton Haffast
Thank you Keiichiro! :)
May 07 2015 06:50:12
Yeah! plenty enough emotion for me, and great playing as well.
+1 May 09 2015 01:55:09 Acousticeg Haffast
Thank you so much acoustic! The more I critique it, the more it's growing on me. Thanks!
May 09 2015 04:50:50 Acousticeg Acousticeg
One thing I try not to do is, over think what I'm playing. When I go back and critique my stuff I then hear every little mistake and then second guess what I did and sometimes erase a other wise good solo. Thinking I'll do a better take. But you know what. I've found that when I listen to the redo something is missing, It's the feeling I had the first time around. So for me it's a trade off. A less than perfect solo with all the feeling that was inspired in the moment by the music. Or a solo with better technique without the inspired emotion. I'll take the inspired emotion any day...
May 09 2015 15:23:24 Acousticeg Haffast
Wow. Very well put. That's the dilemma, completely. While I suffer from the same flaw most musicians / artists / etc have in common (overly critical perfectionism), feedback, practice and confidence in my competence have helped over the years. I do make a conscious effort to be less lazy today though.

Aside from loving the way they sound, that why I try to do so many harmonies. You can't fake matching up two parts played in different places on the neck. You have to do that right or it doesn't work.

Today, I try to keep Haffast less half-assed then it used to be. :)
May 07 2015 05:00:09
That's what makes this place so cool. Do what you want, on the spur of the moment sometimes is the best way... and it sure worked here. shredding the blues :) Damn good man !!
+1 May 07 2015 05:11:54 Psycho Haffast
Thanks Psycho! Honestly, I think I only know how to play one way, the backing track is all that ever changes. Ha ha :)
May 07 2015 04:25:07
I love the one take stuff....when it happens, the spontaneity grabs my ear before any other element. This one has that in buckets :)
+1 May 07 2015 04:33:24 Danalyze45 Haffast
Sometimes I have a tough time differentiating between aimless and pointless. :)

Thanks Dan. It was certainly spontaneous. i can admit that much :)

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