Came and Gone

United States
Danalyze451413 jams
United States
Keys & Guitar:
Danalyze451413 jams
United States
Haffast239 jams
mulambo291 jams
step V
United States
Danalyze451413 jams
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Not my best effort but I think it complimented well to the awesomeness that was added by Haff...I was struggling with tones on this one again and could only get so close to what I was looking for :( There are some fine moments here from Haff....great and inspired playing fro mhim from Shred to Uli Jon type lines. Great fun. One step closer I think to something yet to come? :)


This is a busy song, Great!:D+1
Nice combination of styles !!+1
Wow! You did it, Dan! You nailed it in the way I had heard it in my head! From the beautiful clean lead in the beginning, to kicking in the distortion at the exact bar that I was thinking... Perfect for what I was going to hear! The emotion, the technicality, and the tone... Spot on! And I REALLY dig that delay effect you had" here.

And you blew the while end part out of the water. I don't even know what to say other than you rocked it and I'm thankful to have been a part of it!

When I get some time tomorrow, I might see if there are a few, little parts to harmonize on. Just for a little more collaboration. :)

This is a fantastic well done track.+1
awesome Dan:)+1
Gorgeous mix, cool add Dan, this is such a treat of a listen
Congrats to all involved, i love it &.. playlisted !! ;)
great track, lotsa great adds/layers from everyone.+0
Re-listening to this I really like the building in the intro parts...very happy with the interplay in here+0

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