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What a track! As usual, horribly tricky bits in Acousticeg's uploads and no metronome. But it suits the Zep-style song so well with the extra beats here and there. It was tricky without spending ages working out where they all were.

But so worth it. I usually record with 10" and 14" rack toms. For this, I got out my 12" and 16" floor tom and tuned them so they flap in the wind. Took the pillow out of my kick drum, tuned down the snare. On mix down, removed all the noise gates, etc., and let it all bleed together.

You can probably guess whose hat I tried to wear for this song. There's loads of mistakes in it - all the more authentic. That's my excuse. I *may* have gone a bit mad in the faster bit...

Enjoy. Fantastic fun, Acousticeg. Thank you.

*Re-uploaded as the drums were too high in the mix.*


December 25 2015 19:48:20
mpointonmpointon This so needs a remix!

December 25 2015 18:53:22
DelbertDelbert Can I get backing tracks for specific songs?
+1 December 25 2015 19:44:29 Delbertmpointon
What are you after? IF you want particular intrusments then, if you're lucky, users have uploaded an 'HD' track which is their add in isolation. If they haven't, then you'l need to message the person(s) to get hold of the individual takes.
May 08 2015 20:56:54
WadeWade You're getting pretty god at this. Sounds really fine.
+1 May 09 2015 02:12:26 Wadempointon
Thanks, Wade! I'll be truthful, I heard the up-tempo bit and knew what to play there. The rest was 'I'll shoe-horn it in some-bloody-how'! :D
May 09 2015 02:14:04 Wadempointon
Although I am guilty of thinking I have the ghost of John Bonham's right foot for this!
May 08 2015 07:47:10
AcousticegAcousticeg Great job MP, really like the change up at 2:05. Glad you like the tune. Thanks!
+1 May 09 2015 02:15:59 Acousticegmpointon
Thank you! I knew in my mind what I wanted to play but just wanted to do it justice. And your Led-Zep-style extra beats here and there are what give it such authenticity.

I utterly loved adding to this track, even though it was quite a lot of work to get right! :)
May 09 2015 04:58:43 AcousticegAcousticeg
The extra beats here and there also add a nice live open feel to the song. That's what's missing in most of todays canned music.
May 08 2015 06:02:26
nuno1959nuno1959 Fine add Martin, again a gorgeous template by Acousticeg & you got it !!
Very exhilarating, fantastic fun all around ;)

May 07 2015 23:35:41
woXeywoXey Great !!! :D:DD

May 07 2015 20:57:41
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens Great playing Martin... another ace!

May 07 2015 20:20:27
PsychoPsycho Fine ear M... good job !!

May 07 2015 19:48:42
AKchenAKchen awesome

May 07 2015 19:41:21
Pit BrettPit Brett Applause from me for your fantastic dynamic and skilled drumming :)


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