Slipping Through The Dream

Guitar, Drums & Keys:
MajorTom_III1444 jams
Basster1328 jams
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United States
Danalyze451413 jams
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First time recording using a Whammy pedal...I probably shouldn't have a Whammy pedal :) lol. Some parts of this really drew me in though so I thought I would share.


Excellent add to an excellent template/mix, super cool playing Dan & NICE use of that wah.. ;)+2
That sounds KILLER !!!!!+1
May 08 2015 19:48:51
Danalyze45 Thanks Cody...I was struggling trying to keep it under control to match melodically what I was trying to achieve for your track :( +1
May 08 2015 19:53:08
MajorTom_III I have a digitech whammy and I can't do much with it. I have a friend who does amazing stuff with his. Yours was killer !!! +1
May 08 2015 22:29:03
Danalyze45 Everytime I thought I knew what it would did something different than I thought it would lmao! +1
Love this track!Thumbs for you all!!+1
Cool solo Dan... I never tried a whammy pedal, maybe I should :)+1
May 08 2015 23:17:52
Danalyze45 I vowed once to never use one...the Digitech unit I have now has one built in so I tried it. Definitely has some coolness to it lol +2
May 09 2015 01:44:09
Haffast It's pretty solid, but there's a whole art to it that I don't get. +0
May 09 2015 04:18:42
Danalyze45 Yeah Audioslave won't ever be knocking on my door lolol +1
May 09 2015 16:17:35
Haffast I have a patch I downloaded called like a stone. And it is AWESOME! Once in a blue moon, I use it. Nearly did the other day actually. Scrapped that take because of it +1
I want one !
you will become CrazyDan and you will need an analyze...
Great Track !
I think it was a very good choice to use a whammy on this track! It sounds awesome!!+1
Sounds awesome Dan! Whammy away!+0
perfect Dan:)+0

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