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well, this is my attempt in supporting this great track by Tofzegrit, mpointon and Marceys. very beautiful one, great work from friends!


May 16 2015 01:45:32
cody trippcody tripp AWESOME

May 10 2015 22:24:36
@FreshFunk@FreshFunk great bass line

May 10 2015 19:34:52
consmupaconsmupa ok, this song made me cry. I have been waiting all my wikiloop life just trying to find something like this.
I will sure add my saxo ;)
So sweet!bravo

+1 May 10 2015 21:43:45 consmupamulambo
this is really a great song, loved to play on it. come and join us, bro!
May 10 2015 22:12:50 consmupaconsmupa
thank you, i added the sax right now.
I hope you like
May 10 2015 12:41:21
nuno1959nuno1959 Gorgeous template/mix choice to join in Mulambo !
Your add brings exactly what was needed, beautifully played…
Muito, muito bom !!

+1 May 10 2015 18:39:21 nuno1959mulambo
valeu nuno, valeu mesmo!
May 09 2015 10:16:02
MarceysMarceys Yeah! That one was missing, no track without a bass! Cool ride mulambo! cool ending when the track stops.... Al these amps that are shifting down... :)
+2 May 09 2015 17:41:55 Marceysmulambo
happy to know you liked my participation! and u noted my ending trick! thx!
May 09 2015 06:59:51
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good Mulambo:)

May 09 2015 05:38:53
akethesnakerakethesnaker Great track!

May 09 2015 02:03:27
onewholeftonewholeft Fantastic would love to add some vocals here

May 09 2015 01:40:38
mpointonmpointon Excellent! You did the job of adding the bottom end to the track - the glue that every track needs, and with pure and simple bass. Exactly what it needed. Impeccable restraint and impeccable playing.

Excellent mix too! :)

+1 May 09 2015 17:44:41 mpointonmulambo
glad to know you appreciated my effort, bro! my intention for the mix was justwhat u described, thank you!
May 08 2015 23:45:13
ivaxivax fantastic Mulambo
+1 May 08 2015 23:48:35 ivaxmulambo
thx, ivax!

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