Bridge of Blues

Remix step #2
United States

Bass & Drums:

DannyK208 jams Supporter
Remix step #4 (playing)


frankyguitar468 jams Supporter
+ 7
Hey, Sir G, I try it. Do my very best, at now.... And you are right- I had so many fun with this great work from you all. Thank you very much..... :-)) hope you can like it


May 09 2015 19:38:55
Thank you cody😎😎

May 09 2015 19:10:47
cody trippcody tripp

May 09 2015 16:13:52
Yeah mate!!!!
+1 May 09 2015 16:15:57 Guadaña Guadaña
I like it so much!!!! I knew that you was able to do a great job mate!!!
May 09 2015 17:43:15 Guadaña frankyguitar
Hey, I am very glad you like this little playing! It was so great to play with you and Ake. And the whole track is a nice hymn to Jimi. Thank you very much, for your words and your encourages!! 😎😎
May 09 2015 12:52:01
Yes very Jimi .D
+1 May 09 2015 15:24:49 Drumshticks frankyguitar
Hello Drumshticks, thank you for coming over! I'm glad you like it. 😎😎
May 09 2015 05:24:53
Like mpointon says:)
+1 May 09 2015 10:05:58 akethesnaker frankyguitar
Ake, you are always an inspiration and I'm very glad you think so. Many, many thanks for your always appreciate comments, my friend.😎😎
May 09 2015 04:58:01
yes, I do, I like this a lot :)
+1 May 09 2015 10:00:16 AKchen frankyguitar
Hello akchen, I'm glad you like it. Dankeschön, freut mich sehr.😎😎
May 09 2015 02:38:58
Pretty good stuff franky... ya mixed in quite well !!
+1 May 09 2015 09:57:45 Psycho frankyguitar
Psycho, my friend, I appreciate your words very high! Thank you! The fun with it I have to owe Guadana. He has me encourages to try it.
May 09 2015 02:37:36
Great playing, Franky! Really like the '60/'70s crossover reverb-heavy sound! Very authentic. Whole track has a real 'Hendrix is a bit smashed' feel to it.
+2 May 09 2015 09:51:35 mpointon frankyguitar
Yeah, this was my intention.Martin I'm so glad you like it!! I like this sound and the great playing from Ake and Guadana! I love the sound from Jimi but I don't be able to reproduce it to 100%. I have a lot to learn till I can play Jimi in the right way. Perhaps also never, but no risk no fun!!

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