Tocsin (God Don't Hear Us)

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Today, May 9, in Russia Holiday with tears in eyes.
This is a 70 - year anniversary of the Victory in the Great War (1941-1945) over the Nazis
Then the USSR lost 40 million of its sons and daughters. Eternal Memory...

Lyrics by Ludmila Danichkina


It's good to remember the sacrifices made in the madness of war. We can only hope that the disease of nationalism and political dictatorships never drags us into conflict again.+2
May 10 2015 07:09:31
SlonMusic all of us must to do something for Peace in this crazy world...I have no voice, but this lyrics and story of this woman shook me.. +1
Wars and rumors of wars will always be with us let us thank those who fight courageously for freedom that people have liberty.Over coming their oppressors in a just and righteous cause .D+2
Love this Slon !!
As for wars well… unfortunately it's one of the world's biggest business & those who profit from it keep throwing gasoline into the fires of things that separate us : nationalisms of all sorts, creed, race, gender, to them anything is a good excuse to cast everyone against everyone…
We should focus instead on the MANY MORE things that unite us, the day we become aware of this, they WILL fall - or so i keep hoping !
May 11 2015 05:47:57
SlonMusic Thank you Nuno +1
Lyrics by Ludmila Danichkina.
She is the refugee woman, her home destroyed in Donetsk by punishers from Kiev junta, they usurped power in Ukraine as a result of the illegal coup, organized by the hawks from the US and the EU.
Currently she is in a refugee camp in Russia, near Yaroslavl
Here is the text of her letter to me
Привет, Слава!
Видишь, как со мною жизнь!!!
Я в лагере беженцев под Ярославлем с 27 июля, всё мечтала, что вернусь, но в Донецке опять стреляют... Не знаю, как осталась жива, многие знакомые, соседи убиты, дома разрушены... Я выскочила из дому в бомбоубежище, а потом так и не смогла попасть в дом, с собой успела взять документы да пару свитеров, с этим и была эвакуирована на границу, там тоже обстреливали лагерь и нас утром распределили по областям, так я попала в Рыбинск под Ярославлем.
Вот так в одночасье рухнула моя жизнь! Было всё, сейчас нет ничего...
The stars in the sky destroyed by fire,
At feet lay an impassable road
My garden uprooted my house staggered
My son left house and didn't return.
In the chain of the binder destroyed units
There is no longer heard the bird singing,
Account reset to zero in faith and truth
And with the blood the sunsets.

Oh, my God! - Cry to heaven,
Well, how to live with it, those who survived ?!
But ... I think God
my question did not hear
Or He doesn't know...

War without reasonable strategy and rules
Abel's rifle threatens Cain
Neighbor against neighbor ... And beats without mercy
Cannons and "Grads"
The wounded ground writhes in pain,
Here ravens fed, here parched field
On the long road of mad century
Evil echo of destiny ...

My day turns to hell -
Shelling and explosions everywhere,
I'm baptized and praying,
Waiting for a miracle
Heart beats as the tocsin

Ludmila Danichkina 2014
francisco al
muito legal bonito+1
Fantastic !!! 40 million so sad+1
Bloody Brilliant+1
Lenny Cowler
Wow,excellent Slon:)+1
good track! :)+1

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