Three Shapes (lead)

United States
Guitar & Drums:
Psycho821 jams
step I
United States
Psycho821 jams
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A wild lead guitar add that almost makes the original rhythm track unrecognizable until I toned it down :)
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rock, guitar


Great stuff+1
May 09 2015 20:02:44
Psycho Thank you !! +0
Agree with lairdy!!:)+1
May 09 2015 20:02:56
Psycho Thanks Mish !! +1
what beautiful sound :)+1
May 09 2015 20:03:09
Psycho Thanks ak !! +0
Nice! Sounds great!+1
May 09 2015 20:03:25
Psycho Thank you KM !! +0
Nice job Psycho well done, remember me #17349.... ;)+1
May 09 2015 16:25:17
Psycho No I don't know you... enlighten me !! +0
May 09 2015 16:53:00
Tutama Do not get me wrong, only that track reminded me a track that I did a while #17349...

How to meeting you I do not know but I introduce myself, am Tutama very pleased... ;)
May 09 2015 17:06:30
Psycho Good to meet you too, but we must have crossed paths sometime in the past. I just listened to your track and it's too close for comfort. This tune is an old idea from a few years ago. If this is a coincidence, it's way too freaky !! +0
May 09 2015 19:26:25
Tutama Not worry, here's another member Neronick who had more or less the same idea that we, # 14282 hehehe ... the world is too small, that's why I like so much wikiloops, gives you prices to find soul mates.... ;) +0
I LOVE it Psycho! i think it all works together wonderfully, and the lead kicks some serious tail at the same time! I REALLY like that backing track you made too. Fantastic work! :)+1
May 09 2015 20:03:50
Psycho Thanks Haff !! +1
Fantastic !!!+1
May 09 2015 20:04:06
Psycho i appreciate it cody !! +0
awesome track:)+1
May 09 2015 20:04:19
Lenny Cowler
Psycho Thanks Lenny !! +2
Very cool. If I were a rocker, i'd made an add and call it: and none is black:)+1
May 09 2015 20:04:49
Psycho LOL... I bet you can rock... thanks !! +0
Love it‼️‼️ Very Great Lead!!! 👍👍🎸🎸+1
May 09 2015 20:05:11
Psycho Thanks franky !! +1

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