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Another one that has an acoustic vibe that I left the drums off and wrote in mind for vox...Pretty soon I'm going to forget what distortion is?


again perfect Dan:)+1
If the power grid goes down, you're good to go :)... great stuff Dan. I bet you learned to play on an acoustic... but then again, knowing the rock star in you... maybe not.+1
May 09 2015 20:36:29
Danalyze45 I never owned an acoustic until I was 41 lmao :) :) :) +1
May 09 2015 20:42:43
Danalyze45 in all honesty this one was recorded on the Epiphone Ultra with a sort of "12 string" setting from the Digitech...Couldn't get a "good" acoustic sound for this one :) +1
May 09 2015 21:07:17
Psycho Then maybe you might consider a generator :) +2
Nice mate+1
splendid, spot on.+1
Dana, very nice track to build off of. Thank you.+1
Good for you man! I couldn't play anything without distortion to save my life.+1
Absolutely great. Will soon get additions! :)+1
very cool guitar playing ;o)+0
Fine tune well played+0
Nice.. ;)+0

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