Cherries And Wine

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That was pretty hard to stay in the slipstream of OliVBee! Great timing you have man! Did some piano, had a version with some extra layers too but think this one is more pure....and room for others :) hope it is cool!


You go together so well! The union of 2 heartbeats is touching. Great piece.+2
Oolala... So beautiful
Nice work Marc over this pure piece of peace
very cool Marc ! very soft track with a nice movement :)+1
May 09 2015 23:26:18
Marceys Muah... My timing is not everywhere good enough.... The F#m feels strange too..... But had much fun on the track though! :) +1
May 09 2015 23:39:12
OliVBee chords you play don't have to sound like the chords i play as long as they don't fight each other it's ok ;) ... i'll see what i can do with your wav ;) +2
May 10 2015 09:10:06
Marceys There's also a 32 bit version but was to large to upload.... +1
Nicely done!+1
like a dream, really emotional for me, thank you boys+1
Superb playing, Marc. I had a go at this earlier but wasn't happy with the result at all. I recorded it, I mixed then hit quit! I might have another try now I have your keys to guide me! :)+1
May 10 2015 08:04:19
Marceys My first hits in the B parts aren't always the same as OliVBee's timing! That was the hardest thing.... The second part of the track is in better shape (talking bout the keys, the guitar is the whole track cool) +0
May 11 2015 13:31:16
OliVBee suggestion : use the count in clic to align the template in your DAW set to meter/tempo ... turn on your DAW's clic ;) +1
May 11 2015 13:36:30
mpointon As Oli said. Often downloads don't line up in DAWs without a bit of re-aligning - I think it's just differences between DAWs. Some people consistently offer downloads which are accurate to the click but offset by about half a beat from bar 1 in Reaper. That causes any HD tracks I offer not not quite line up. You just have to get used to shuffling them about a bit.

As Oli said, the count-in click on the template is often a great way of ensuring alignment.
very nice:)+1
Yes it IS cool. great add+1
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