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The 'Loops is a funny old place. I recorded drums to this not long after Oli posted the template but I just wasn't happy with them. I thought the ideas were sound but just didn't seem right with the guitar. I was sat wondering whether to upload when Marc's add appeared. I added it to Reaper and, amazingly, the ideas gelled better.

So I threw away the take and re-recorded with Marc's keys. I'm much, much happier with the result. The approach I wanted was to give an almost latin lilt to some of the sections - a cross between a bembé and a rhumba, but keeping the drums gentle and appropriate to the template. This track was too easy to stick just a backbeat on - I wanted something more exciting and different. I hope I've achieved it.

Enjoy. :)


April 15 2016 13:44:06
NguyenNguyen Bright and lots of emotions, awesome

November 28 2015 19:21:50
GatorblueGatorblue an excellent add. supports the music but doesn't overpower it. very nuanced. - Gator

May 17 2015 01:22:45
akethesnakerakethesnaker Fine track all together!

May 10 2015 19:57:16
sbisiosbisio Oh man..I love your sound, your feeling with the song...everything is at the right place!
+1 May 11 2015 00:41:47 sbisiompointon
Thank you, sbisio. A lot more stress and practice than normal went into trying to get this template 'right' so comments like this make me feel a lot better! :)
May 10 2015 18:29:28
mulambomulambo awesome drum work! at some times it reminds me of Danny Gottlieb in the Metheney albums.
+3 May 11 2015 00:59:07 mulambompointon
Thank you, mulambo! I'm honoured to bear comparison with Danny Gottlieb! :o
May 10 2015 16:36:14
ivaxivax great add drums,soft play

May 10 2015 15:53:10
FishinmissioFishinmissio Perfect

May 10 2015 15:46:01
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler excellent drums, played with great feeling:)

May 10 2015 15:27:34
PsychoPsycho Very nice Mr. M... it's cool you think these out then share the process with us loopers :)

May 10 2015 14:44:59
UloisiusUloisius very cool ;o)

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